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Written by Theop Shadestream
I had just had a debate regarding the dream of Thrimis Horndouble when Kyren Elnisis approached me. I hadn't known she was watching in the crowd, but was pleased to see her. We had met over a year ago and we had some amazing conversations about the debates. I was excited to hear her thoughts on this most recent debate. Instead she invited me to the Beacon! As an apprentice! I almost screamed when she told me. She just smiled and walked away after...I think she knew I was barely holding it together. I will be her first Apprentice and maybe Kyren one day!


Most Kyren have skills in interpreting Dreams and Visions, but they may also be selected for their passionate debates.


The primary qualifier is to become an apprentice of the Kyren. The apprentice is almost always selected to replace a Kyren. The Apprentice is selected by the current Kyren from local a Guidance Center or working in the Beacon.


The Kyren are responsible for organizing Cynosure activities and events on their strata. They are also responsible for maintaining all Guidance Centers on the strata as well as distribute food and money for the poor. Lastly, they are considered the highest rank for the Knights of the Cynosure( Light Knights ) and has full command over them.


The are paid a small dividend during office, but are housed and provided for inside the Beacon. On retirement, they are given a house and a moderate stipend for 10 more years.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Kyren dress in a black cloak that drapes their face in a shadow that no amount of magic can seem to pierce. The creation of these cloaks is a closely guarded secret by the Kyren.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only the Kyren Assembly can remove a Kyren from office. This is rare and normally only happens if accusations of blasphemy arise. The Stratum Council may also request to remove a Kyren, which will then trigger a hearing by the Assembly and a vote for removal.


On the Surface

The history of the Kyren go beyond what is known by the people of Crevice. The Kyren had complete control over every aspect of life on the surface world. Their word was law and they had the final say on all decisions of state. They started the war that led to The Great Quake . Memories of those times are long gone and historical items destroyed or unintelligible.

Return to The Path

Dimitree, The Eyes of Cynosure led the people back on the Path of the Cynosure and helped them see what they had forgotten. The Beacon was built and would begin to heal the society and help the city grow. At this point the Kyren would take complete control over the city and gain back most of the power they had lost.

Division of Power

The structure changed when Pythinera Agerinigh used the power of the Kyren to create the Age of Light and almost destroy the city. This led to the Kyren loosing a significant portion of power and now the elected council has controlling power over most of the military.
Religious, Special
There are currently 9 Kyren
The Kyren have existed even before the Great Quake. They were the leaders of the empire on the surface world and that tradition would come back in Crevice.
Length of Term
30 Years, only allowed a single term.
Current Holders
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30 Jul, 2018 06:25

So, they're kind of like oracles combined with pastors? That's fascinating. Do they use the loss of history after the Great Quake to hid the fact that they inadvertently caused it? Or is that forgotten even by the Kyren themselves?

6 Aug, 2018 18:08

Yes, they are a bit closer to oracles with some administrative powers over the government. Most don't even know they caused it or the real history. The history that is taught is usually vague and combined with several vision and dream interpretations, so it allows quite a bit of obfuscation.

30 Jul, 2018 08:25

It looks neat but I would suggest putting an overview of what an Kyren is and give the reader a general idea of what to expect from the article maybe after the quote?

30 Jul, 2018 12:59

Really nice quote, very giddy and it made me excited as well for Theop. I love your theme and there are a lot of wonderful details in this. It's amazing how you've linked to a lot of different things, it made it way easier to understand :) Great work!

6 Aug, 2018 18:09

As I continue to write more, the world seems to come together better and come more alive. It's very exciting. Thanks!