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The Beacon Farm

Walking through the old Beacon is an interesting experience. The lower level is very open with some stairs to the sides that rise up to the offices above. Now overgrown with moss and mold on the walls and ceiling. Carefully picking through the mold to find the larger patches and harvest them, I wondered what this place looked like when they first built it. Full of people coming and going, with discussions and research of the same plants that now fill the halls.  
~The First Beacon of Rebirth

Purpose / Function

The Beacon of Rebirth built in the Cryo Strata and was one of the first buildings constructed. It was to be the home and heart of the Cavern and Kyren. As the religious and administrative heart of the Cavern, the rest of the buildings would grow around it.


Although there were very few alterations, the plants overran the building and grow wild throughout it. The major changes was the private Kyren Lift. Although the lift still travels through the Beacon to the other levels. It does not stop there. This is the only Beacon that it doesn't stop at. The only work on the Strata Lift is general and emergency maintenance.   The Beacon now functions as a farm for the many forms of plants and creatures that live there. The farming is done delicately as to not interrupt the natural growth.   The upper areas have been closed off as well. There is a very toxic plant that has taken root in the top of the tower and seems to be very aggressive. This has forced the Kyren to close the upper levels and seal them. They doors are checked regularly to see if the plant is trying to break free of the seals.


This Beacon was built with both stone and ice. The amazing structure towers 80 feet and goes into the ice ceiling another 30 feet. The main floor is built with a discussion chamber and a few small meeting rooms, but is otherwise an open area. Several sets of stairs lead to the upper floors. These are a combination of offices and guest quarters. The top has the home and offices of the Kyren.


When the Beacon was first built, other buildings were starting to arise around it. That is when they noticed the local plant life was starting to suffer from the construction and the people. There were several attempts made to reverse or mitigate those effects. All of them failed. The construction was halted and the place left empty for almost 5 years before a new plan was implemented. A new beacon would be built in the more empty caves further away. The Beacon and the buildings surrounding it were abandoned.

The Rumors of the Top

A few rumors exist about the top of the Beacon and why it was closed. This seems to be due to the lack of detail about the specific plant that has taken root up there.  

Kyren Secrets

One rumor suggests that the Kyren does access this area and has a special stash of plants they are growing at the top. The reasons seem to vary. Everything from an aphrodisiac to a medicine for some condition he may have.  

Knightly Prison

Some people believe that the Light Knights use the area to question prisoners, maybe torture them.
Parent Location


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