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Light Knights

The Knights of the Cynosure

  These unique soldiers are trained under The Kyren for the specific purpose of finding demons and destroying them. They also help investigate cult activity and have the authority to judge cultists for their crimes immediately. Some people are critical of the authority given to the Knights and to the harshness of their actions, but the Kyren have pushed back harshly anytime the Strata Councils made any attempt to limit them. They currently the Judge, Jury and Executioner of anything related to the Cynosure and Demons.  

Division of Power

  The Knights have their own hierarchy as well. The Kyren are in charge of the Knights on their particular Strata. The Kyren Assembly may launch an investigation into a specific order if there are charges of abuse of power or corruption in the ranks. A Kyren from a different Strata would be in charge of the investigation.
  The Knights themselves do not have official ranks, except Trainee and Knight. There are unofficial rankings that most of the Orders do use. Some names may be unique to the Strata, but they are based on the number of Demons and Cultists a particular person has found. Oddly, the names are related to light which is usually avoided by the rest of the population.
  • Glimmer: Just out of training the name will usually stick for at least a year.
  • Glow: Fairly experienced Knight that has been in the Order for over a year and has proven themselves in battle at least 5 times.
  • Flash: Very experienced Knight that has fought and killed a Demon.
  • Dazzle: Veteran Knight who was key in exposing a cult and destroying them.
  • Blaze: This title is only given to those who have done single combat with a Demon and won. It is very rare.

The Blinding Light

  The Knights of the Cynosure are called the Light Knights by almost everyone these days. The name comes from their unique ability to create light which is strictly outlawed for anyone else. They use this light to draw out suspected demons when raiding a cult. Many cultists are demons in disguise and are exposed when the light hits them. This light will also blind all of those nearby which allows the Knights to kill the creature without exposing innocent people to their evil. The light is generated by the special armor they wear which also allows them some protection against Demons.
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Knights of Cynosure, Kyren Knights
Training Level
Parent Organization

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