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Path of Cynosure

The history of the Cynosure and the Cynics is long and sometimes complicated. Firstly, the people don't consider it a church at all, to them it's a way of life. It's how you make all the major decisions and sometimes even small decisions. The organization is controlled by the Kyren Assembly and has become increasingly more bureaucratic through the Phases. Several events have also altered the power structure and the division of power within the city. This is the current structure within the Beacons. There is one Beacon in every Cavern and each does have slight differences, but most have the same overall design.

  The Kyren are the religious leaders of Crevice. There is one for every Stratum and meet at the Kyren Assembly once a year. Once selected, they serve for 20 years. Once selected, their faces are cloaked in darkness to represent their bond to the Cynosure. This doesn't hide their identities, just their faces.

  The Kyren is considered the head of the government. The office of the Kyren will go over every law passed by the council and has a veto power over any law. The Kyren are selected by the Kyren Assembly which is when all the Kyren meet once a year. The Kyren are usually selected from prominent figures in the church of that particular Strata. Kyren are selected for 20 year terms.

  The Kyren reside at the Beacon (primary church on each Strata). They are considered the head of the government, although they are rarely involved in the implementation of laws. Their primary role in the government is to review laws passed by the Strata Council. They can protest any law they feel would interfere in Beacon business.   The Kyren are responsible for organizing the many religious holidays and events. They also create the Guidance Centres throughout the Stratum, which help the people in their Cycle to Cycle lives.


Kyren Assembly -- Meets once a year to discuss Cynosure Doctrine and select new Kyren if necessary.   Kyren -- One per Stratum, selected by the Kyren Assembly and serves for 20 years.   Knights -- These knights specifically serve the Kyren and enforce Cynosure Doctrine. Civilians usually call them Light Knights since they are the only ones who can generate blinding bright light.   Mentor -- Organizes a Guidance Center .   Envoy -- These work for both Kyren and Mentors. They are used as diplomats and mediators in the Stratum. They may work out of a specific Beacon or Guidance Center, but will travel around the Stratum and to other Stratum if needed.   Guide -- Work at the Guidance Centers guiding those that seek help.


Beacons are the administrative centers for each Kyren and have their own structures.
  • Kyren
  • Apprentices: Selected by the Kyren to learn and possibly become one in the future. May also be invited to the Kyren Assembly.
  • Keepers: Responsible for organizing and safekeeping all the knowledge of the Cynosure
  • Seers: Responsible for documenting the visions and dreams heard and debated in the Guidance Centers.
  • Scribes: Responsible for organizing holidays and events with local Guidance Centers.
  • Counters: Responsible for tracking the use of Chips (money) within the Beacon
  • Cloaks: Responsible for tracking rumors overall mood of the people.


Beacon -- The Kyren and their offices are in this large building. The Beacon is one of the largest buildings in each Stratum. Here is a list of every Beacon.   Beacon of Tears on the Lake Stratum   Beacon of Blood on the Aqua Stratum   Beacon of Creation on the Guild Stratum   Beacon of Brilliance on the Arcane Stratum   Beacon Love on the Paradise Stratum   Beacon of Genesis on the Cryo Stratum   Beacon of Spirit on the Entertainment Stratum   Beacon of Mind on the Engineering Stratum   Beacon of Strength on the Mining Stratum   Guidance Centers are created throughout the Stratum to cater to the needs of the local area. There is at least one in every residential area.
Early Years   In the beginning, Kyren created and enforced all the laws. As the population got bigger, the Strata Council was created to pass non-doctrine laws. More Stratum were created and the Stratum Councils earned more power. The Beacon was considered the seat of power in all the Stratum until the Age of Paradise. During this time, the Stratum Councils pushed to have their own places to do business. The Council then created their own law centers in each Strata.
Religious, Divine Host
Subsidiary Organizations
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Notable Members
Politics and Corruption   Over the years there has been several cases of where the Councils and the Kyren have disagreed. The Council can usually win these if they can get enough people on their side. The Kyren have been known to use the Guidance Centers to teach about political matters and use that influence to get public opinion on their side. The biggest debate was on education, as the Beacons were initially in charge of education. During the Age of Creation, the guilds pushed for separate educations centers. After several years of debate, the Councils were able to create their curriculum and education programs.   There have also been several key corruption cases in history, both in the Councils and the Kyren. Twelve Kyren have lost their positions because of corruption cases and one was executed as a traitor. Dismissed Kyren are unable to serve in the Beacons or Guidance Centers. They become civilians and must find their own way. Corruption in the Councils are generally dealt with internally and a new member is elected. Dismissed Council members may never serve again.
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