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From the report of Thimic Thokra of a Hyrdo Farm
On a routine check of the Lifestone, I noticed an area that seemed to be weakening. There were no worm nests in the area, but no sign as to why they weren't nesting. The plants hanging from the stone were starting to degrade as the stone was not glowing as it should. I marked it as a place to try and place a nest to save the stone. I did scrape it to see if there was a residue that the worms may not like on it as well. I hope to resolve the issue when Dust Runs.


Material Characteristics

This hard black stone has many holes in it which plants will grow and hold roots.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Without the current ecosystem, the stone starts to weaken and crumble. It requires specific worms to both borrow the holes and to die in the stone. Their death secretes specific chemicals into the stone that keep it strong. That chemical also gives the stone a specific glow that seems to mimic the life the sun on the surface gave plants.

Geology & Geography

The Lifestone seems to only be found in the Lifestone Forest and no where else in the underground area. Mining it has allowed for it to be moved to the city.

Life & Expiration

Without the forest ecosystem it will degrade in a few years. Within the ecosystem, it seems it may last forever.

History & Usage


The stone is currently used to create the Hydro Farms in the city. This is a mini ecosystem that can be controlled and farmed.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Without this stone, Crevice may have starved or expanded at a much slower rate.


Although the stone itself seems relatively safe, the ecosystem needed to keep it strong uses dangerous molds and fungus that can get people very sick. Farmers need special equipment while working the farms

Environmental Impact

Removing the stone from the Lifestone Forest has created a dead area in the forest.
Black or Dark Grey
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