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History of Crevice

History as taught in Crevice.

Surface Era

Demon Era

This is the time before Crevice and the events that led up to the creation of Crevice.

Chaos Phase

Era of Chaos

A time of great turmoil and death. Starvation, disease, murder and greed were the qualities of this time. There was no calendar and no way to track time at all. Some historians estimate that it last almost 100 years some say it was closer to 300 years.   Once the initial shock of the collapse passed, there was a race for survival. Many would learn to band together and warlords would rule areas and ruins.

Phase of Blood

1275 2890

Begins with the Construction of the Beacon of Blood

  • 2805

    Birth of Pythinera Agerinigh
    Life, Birth

Age of Light

3588 3600

Corruption and Faith are tested

  • 3599

    Death of Pythinera Agerinigh
    Life, Death

    End of Light

Phase of Love

4509 6188

Beacon of Joy is built.

Phase of Inspiration

8420 and beyond

Beacon of the Mind is Built

  • 8421

    Diamond Quake
    Disaster / Destruction

    A recent quake that is considered the most powerful in recent history. It shook all of the Strata and thousands died.