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Kyren Elnisis Shadevale

Elnisis is a female elf who is currently the oldest of The Kyren on the Council. She is 250 years old and is in her 19th year on the Council. She is well respected by the other members, but has had some conflict in those years.   She is headstrong and very opinionated. She debates with great fierceness and has made some historical changes to the history of the Council.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She did well in school and excelled in debate. As she reached 50 she began to study the Cynosure and how it guided the society. She would go to the Beacon of Tears and debate on the floor. She seemed to excel at Dream Interpretation and created some memorable debates in the Discussion Room.


Family Ties

Elnisis was born to Fylkin and Jyrinia Shadevale. She was the last born of three;   Arkin: Brother, born 34 years before her Jadari: Sister, Born 25 years before her   Married at age 75 to Marik Glowmist One Child: Girl: Current age 30: Yilliris

Wealth & Financial state

The Shadevale family is an ancient family that has been on the Lake Council for six Eras. They control the largest amount of the fishing docks on Leviathan Lake and have gained a large amount of wealth over the Eras.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Lake Stratum
Current Residence
Leviathan Grotto
Biological Sex
Long Black Hair
135 lbs
Aligned Organization
Path of Cynosure

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