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Guidance Center

Dreams and Ones Connection to the Cynosure

As I entered the circle, I took a deep breath. This was my first time in the forum and I was very nervous. As I began explaining my dream, I felt far more comfortable. Everyone was watching me and listening to every word I spoke. When I was done, the whole room erupted with their own interpretations. There were so many unique ideas from the people and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but then I started challenging some of them and dismissing many. Finally, there were only three real solid possibilities. I left the forum and requested a private room to think on all the the things that were said.
— My Dreams -- Frionop Thindersand

Purpose / Function

Guidance Centers are places to understand ones connection to the Cynosure and how to interpret the dreams, visions and signs. There are dozens of them spread out on each Strata of the city. The classrooms host a variety of classes which may include dream interpretation, meditation techniques, or seeing Cynosure in everyday life. They are taught by Guides (religious leaders in a local community) and many have unique structures depending on the Cavern or Strata. Cynosure can be hard to understand and sometimes can give odd visions and signs. The Discussion Room can be used to present these thoughts to others and openly discuss it. This can include some passionate debate and some argument, but most enjoy it and come away with greater insight.
Guidance Centers will be the location of many of the holidays and Mentors or other community leaders will organize them. One of the most important ceremonies is the Shadow Manifestation Ceremony. All new born children are blessed during this ceremony and it is a wondrous event.

Guidance Centers also have a public forum where people may step forward and debate on the meaning of their dreams or visions. These forums are open throughout all Periods of the day, although most come in the Orange and Red.

These Centers also become places where people vote or choose their Council members and can sometimes be used by candidates for political means.


These buildings are unique to each Strata, but usually consist of one central chamber surrounded by several small rooms designed for learning and private insight. The Forum is usually the largest room and is the focus of the Centers. It is generally has a circular stage with either seats or just rows of stands surrounding it, which can hold 50-100 people in the stands. There is also a library available in most Guidance Centers with works from some of the greatest Scribes in history.


While the Beacons are the religious centers of the each Strata, these were created as the city grew and traveling to the Beacon for the forums became too burdensome. The Guidance Centers were created to supply many of the same services as the Beacon, but at a local level. Eventually the Beacons would become more administrative in their purpose and most of the actual work of the Cynosure happens in these local Centers.

Owning Organization

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