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Shadow Manifestation

Short after birth, a child will be blessed by the Cynosure. This will allow the child to see into the darkness without the need for light. It is called the Shadow Manifestation (Shadow Blessing as well). This is done within 5-10 @cycles after the birth. It is considered a day of great celebration for the family and many in the Grotto will give gifts the the child. This is usually done at a local Counseling Center by a Mentor.   Ritual
The ceremony is usually a very private matter for parents and a few close family. The Mentor blesses a small pot of water for the ceremony. There is a special room in the Center designed for the ritual. There is a small pool of water in the center called the Dream Pool. The Mentor will sit in the pool and lay the child's back on their knees. The blessed water is poured into the open eyes of the child for about thirty seconds. When the child's eyes will go completely black, the mentor dip the head briefly in the Dream Pool which will turn the eyes back to normal. This process is believed to cause some discomfort for the child and it will sometimes cry, but it does no permanent harm to the child.   Results of the Ritual
The child will gain the ability to see in the dark. They can see in full color and detail up to 60ft and shadows out to 120 ft. This allows them to survive in the harsh underground environment. Some races could naturally see in the dark and they gain an extra benefit of seeing in detail up to 120 ft. They also get sensitivity to bright lights.

Components and tools

No items are necessary beyond the blessed water. Some races do have some specific features to their ceremonies.
Elves: A special song honoring the blood ancestors is sung.
Dwarves: The child is given their first ale after the ceremony.
Halflings: A pool created in a hydro farm is used for the blessing.
Orcs and half-Orcs: Special clan markings are painted on the child's body.
Humans: Will burn incense during the ceremony.
Giants: The water is cold and the child crushes ice in it's hand (sometimes with the help of the mentor).
Grey Elves: The ritual will take place in the Limitless Sea.

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