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Strata Council

Each Strata has a separate ruling body and slightly different ways of electing officials. These are the things that are core to all of the strata.   The council are voted in by the people that live in that Strata. The number of members on the council is different on each Strata, but all the people are able to vote. All Counsel members have 5 year terms.   The Council is responsible for creating the army called Pitch Black and collecting taxes. They also budget the taxes with 10% going to the Kyren directly to use for the Beacon (largest church on each strata).


Strata Council members draft laws.   Strata Guard enforce strata laws.   Cavern Representatives are local officials whom will meet with the Strata Council regarding specific concerns.


The Crevice Military is called Pitch Black. It is divided by specific ranks with different responsibilities. While not on assignment outside the city, the Ash and Coal are assigned to a Grotto for guard duty.
Ash: Rank given to the lowest ranking soldiers, also assigned to guard duty while not on assignment.
Coal: There is one Coal for every twenty Ash. They are also in charge of the Ash patrolling a Grotto.
Ebony: Rank given to specialized Ash or Coal. These people usually have unique and special skill sets.
Obsidian: Rank given to those in command of field operations. They usually control 60-100 Ash at a time.
Onyx: The highest rank Pitch Black. There is only one Onyx per Stratum and they report to the Council.

The Darkness

This group was created as part of the courts to both find and investigate suspected corruption. Both the Kyren and the Council knows the branch exists, but must work with them during their investigations.

Caster: Reports directly to the Court and gives orders to field agents.
Shadows: Informants that exist all around the city. They are recruited within their current job. Many within Beacons and Council buildings. They report suspicious behavior and events to a handler (usually another Shadow, a Shade or a Caster).
Shade: Spies that are planted in specific locations with the job of gathering specific information about an event or person.
Wraith: Interrogators that are trained in getting information from people.
Void: This position is mostly speculative and denied to exist by the organization. They are thought to work outside the law to protect the city by any mean necessary. Some consider them heroes, others as brutal enforcers.

This group has been thought to spear many corruption investigations as well as assist in bringing down some of the most dangerous cults in the city.
[bCouncil Responsibilities   Collect Taxes
Organize and run the Military
Organize expansion and building projects
Maintaining the infrastructure of the Caverns
Geopolitical, City council
Chips: Chips are slices of gemstones used as currency in Crevice.
Notable Members
Politics   The Council and Kyren are not usually oppositional, but they do disagree at times. There is some political intrigue between the two which will take advantage of weaknesses in the two groups.
Kyren Office   The Kyren rarely read the laws directly. They will have staff that read them and highlight any the Kyren should review. This creates the potential for things to slip through the Kyren's notice.

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