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Created & Written By FearTheLiving

Shade Agent: Rylfryn Everhurden (a.k.a. Foretold Champion of the Caverns of Darkness)

Physical Description

Body Features

Skin Tone: Dark Bluish Gray   Eye Color: Bright Green   Hair Color: Dark Black   Hair Length: Medium Length   Scale Color: Dark Green   Body Type: Thin (Slightly Athletic)

Identifying Characteristics

Hidden by his clothing are scales that cover parts of Rylfryn's body. From his shoulders to the start of his wrist are snake like scales, this pattern matches up similarly from his abdomen to the outer parts of his legs to the top of his shins.

Physical quirks

Rylfryn always stands up straight with shoulders out making his silhouette almost unmistakable to any who know him or know of him.

Special abilities

Rylfryn has learned to harness and harmonize the power of Cynosure with his own magical abilities causing his spells to be altered in appearance. The most noticeable changes in Rylfryn's spells is that they're often purple in color and result in a shadowy aura when summoned forth. His natural abilities tend to be more green in appearance.  

Natural Abilites

  • Magical Resistance - Rylfryn's genetic fusion has left him with the ability to better fight off magical threats to his body.   • Poison Immunity - Rylfryn's genetic fusion has left him completely immune to poison.   • Snake Charmer - Rylfryn's genetic fusion has allowed him with the ability to communicate with snakes.   • Poison Spit - Rylfryn's genetic fusion has altered Rylfryn's mouth to allow him to produce poisonous saliva.   • Charming Serpent - Rylfryn's genetic fusion allows him to release pharamones that make individuals more susceptible to his way of thinking. It's not strong enough to force an individual to do anything, but it can nudge them in a direction if it's reasonable for them to do so.    

Spell List

  Cantrips   • Acid Splash   • Chill Touch   • Prestidigitation   • Toll the Dead   1st Level   • Cause Fear   • Chromatic Orb   • False Life   • Find Familiar   • Identify   • Inflict Wounds   • Mage Armor   • Ray of Sickness   • Shield   • Slow Fall (Feather Fall)   2nd Level   • Detect Thoughts   • Hold Person   • Invisibility   • Knock   • Misty Step   • See Invisibility   3rd Level   • Animate Dead   • Counterspell   • Feign Death   • Nondetection   • Life Absorption (Vampiric Touch)   • Sending

Apparel & Accessories

Rylfryn sticks to very fanciful apparel with ornate stitching. The clothing itself usually contain a combination of green and black in some manner. His go to outfits consist of high collared button-up shirts with a low hanging jacket in which the back of runs down to his thigh. The jacket's shoulders are extravagantly pointed out but well fitted so as to move with him freely. His pants are well tailored and fit to his body snugly but not tight. And lastly his shoes ride up to his shins but serve to be more decorative than providing any sort of armor.   Outside of his standard clothing Rylfryn carries around three things at all times. The first item being that of the word of Cynosure the guiding law one must follow to be a divine child of Cynosure and a proper citizen of the Crevice. The second item being that of a ring baring the insignia of his house for without his matriarch he would be nothing. Lastly his locked spellbook given to him by his magical teacher Kalanerin'ven Do'tyl, for without it his service to Crevice and Cynosure would be much harder to accomplish.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rylfryn was born when Thine Walked with Nexin in 9098 to a partnership between his mother Sinrae, a Shadow Elf and his father Silas who was that of the Nyoka. This arrangement was made not out of love but in the pursuit of a greater being for the House of Everhurden. There were many such pairings made between the races of Crevice in attempt to create genetically enhanced beings that would have an edge over the other great houses. Few such pairings resulted in offspring that would measure up to the standards the house was aiming for, with Rylfryn being the first true success in their eyes which they weren't afraid to acknowledge hence his name which roughly translates to "Foretold Champion of the Caverns of Darkness" as such many great things are expected of him which both increases his ego while also making him judge each action he takes very harshly.   While growing up his siblings and other members of the house would often try and compete with him as he was seen as their rival when it comes to a success in their own life. Though this wasn't uncommon among House Everhurden even prior to his birth as each member is highly competitive with each other. Rylfryn surprisingly cared little for how he measured up to his other family as he'd judge himself on a greater scale than they ever could.   After the successful birth Rylfryn was trained by a very prominent tutor that was associated with House Everhurden but lacked any sort of blood ties to the family by the name of Kalanerin'ven Do'tyl. Kalanerin'ven was a Seer of the church and a renown magician in his own right though his methods could be quite extreme when it came to teaching. It was thought for many years that Rylfryn would enter the church structure as he grew older but as his training continued he was presented by a strange vision while meditating near the Shadow Manifestation pool. The pool itself is used in the ritual of introducing a Shadow Elf child of House Everhurden to the guiding presence of the great guide.   The vision was a hard one to interpret but after contemplation and discussion with Kalanerin'ven it was decided that Rylfryn would diverge his path and join the city's military. He spent a few years flying through the ranks of the Pitch Black until he made it to the rank of Ebony, after which he was recruited into the Darkness an organization that worked far more strategically in taking down dangers to the City and Cynosure and only answered to the Council. He started off as a Shadow which had him acting as an information gatherer for the Darkness keeping his eyes and ears in the goings on of the city to inform the rest of the organization of suspicious activities or to gather information to help Shades infiltrate into dangerous cults and criminal organizations.   One day while investigating some suspicious activity in one of the city's restricted zones Rylfryn happened upon a gold coin behind a waterfall. Strange things would often fall from the surface but this was odd as it seemed to suggest that their was still life up there as the coin was discovered to be newly printed when it was brought to a Gem Cutter who was able to identify it as such. This was suspicious as we've been told that life on the surface is desolate and the church has been very against making expeditions up there. The council however was pleased with his findings and Rylfryn would again be promoted though this time to a Shade who would be given orders from the Casters of the Darkness who were order by the council directly.   It is now Rylfyrn's current job to infiltrate key groups for the betterment of the council and detail orders of elimination if necessary.


• Privately Tutored within House Everhurden

Accomplishments & Achievements

• Birthed Successfully With Enhanced Genetics   • Pitch Black Recruitment (Ash)   • Pitch Black Promotion (Coal)   • Pitch Black Promotion (Ebony)   • The Darkness Recruitment (Shadow)   • The Darkness Promotion (Shade)

Failures & Embarrassments

• Vision - The vision he believes was from Cynosure is both a form of pride and failure. Prideful in that the great Guide would present him with a vision but without fully understanding said vision he interpreted it to mean he was not worthy to grace the church of Cynosure this is why he's highly critical of those that he meets working within the church.

Mental Trauma

• While his genetic birth has left Rylfryn with a bit of an ego it has also left him with severe critique of his own actions. No matter what he does he always feels it will not live up to the standards set by his family, Cynosure, and the great city of Crevice.

Morality & Philosophy

• Rylfryn believes all must be done in order to maintain the way of Cynosure and the safety of the Crevice. This often leads Rylfyn down a dark path to get things done even if they can be avoided. He isn't afraid to torture, lie, steal, or anything above or between in order to better serve Cynosure which would traditionally go against the teachings of Cynosure, but he sees himself as Cynosure's champion and he'll dirty his hands if it keep's the great guide clean.


Given his line of work and his ideals it would be incredibly taboo for Rylfryn to accept any sort of bribe or look the other away when corruption is involved.

Personality Characteristics


Rylfryn dreams of something bigger for the Crevice and Cynosure that even he doesn't fully comprehend. Until he makes sense of the visions he receives from the great guide and that further directs him his ultimate goal is to weed out corruption from the city and unify it for whatever is to come.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good at logical decisions and keeping cool under pressure this includes knowing when to step away to continue the goal at a later time. On the flip side he finds it incredibly hard to trust people as that would require him to trust in another's skills and quite frankly that isn't something he's used to when one is from a house that is all about being the best you can be and not relying on others to get you there.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Cynosure - He feels the great guide is pulling him towards a great purpose even if he doesn't fully understand it and often questions the creator's motives. Even then he would be hard pressed to ignore any signs he received and would do almost anything in order to please them.   • Quiet - Although Rylfryn enjoys hurting those that would hurt the city and its people, he prefers the peacefulness of the echoing sounds of the caverns and hidden chambers around him.   • Luxury - Rylfryn often finds himself in squalor during his work so when he has the chance to relax in a clean and comforting environment.   • Fish - House Everhurden made a large sum of their wealth controlling the fish and finds in the Lake Strata, as such he's grown accustomed to the taste of fish over the filthy creatures other establishments generally serve.   • Conflict - While his goal is to bring justice where it's due he would be lying if said he didn't enjoy the rush and thrill that a fight, interrogation, or mission brings when he's sent on them... if only they were all done in places of refinement.   • Usefulness - While Rylfryn doesn't trust many people he appreciates those that do their job without needing to be told. A competent person can go a long way in his eyes... even if he never fully trusts them and still plans a contingency for their failure.   • Knowledge - Rylfryn believes knowing more than your opponent is the key to victory and if you can't gain the knowledge yourself you had better have people at your disposal who do and if possible bleed them of the information and make it your own.  


• Bravado - Talk during battle is for those that lack the ability to get things done and should only be used when you have already beaten your opponent even if they haven't realized it yet. No... better to leave the intimidation tactics when you're already removing appendages. Diplomacy on the other hand is a battle onto its own and deserves great attention, knowing the steps of your opponent before they make them is key to preventing unnecessary enemies or better yet... keeping your enemies close enough to strike when needed.   • Carelessness - Nothing annoys Rylfryn more than those that act before thinking or continue to act without thinking. Emotions need to be contained, allowing them to run your decisions is a mistake that should be corrected.   • Corruption - Anyone who would sell out their duties in order to line their own pockets or better themselves without the concern of that which they are apart of is sickening. Making excuses for their corruption even more so.   • Wasting Time - Rylfryn feels time is a precious commodity and he doesn't take kindly to those who waste it. If one comes to him unprepared this will often lead to him brushing them aside or ignoring them, specifically in social situations not related to work or investigations. If it's a mate you're looking for, you best be prepared to be on his level or you're simply in his way.   • Love - Dislike may be a tad much, but seeing as he was born out of an agreement in an attempt to make a better being, he finds the concept of mating for love otherworldly. He understands everyone has needs and sometimes people need to release those needs for enjoyment or to produce a family line but the thought of doing so simply because you enjoy someone's company is foreign. One should be paired to produce a stronger house or to better serve the city as a whole.

Virtues & Personality perks

• Patient - When it comes to work he can endure a lot of waiting in order to be the most effective. However he is also aware when time is fleeting and one needs to act.   • Ambitious - This has been pounded into him since birth. If he's not striving to succeed he's failed himself, his family, his city, and the great guide.   • Justly - Despite his cold exterior Rylfryn is fair to the people of the Crevice and cares about their well being, this means gathering the facts before hurting of killing them.   • Modest - Rylfryn trusts in his own abilities but doesn't boast. He feels everyone should focus on their own goals which leads to him criticizing himself more harshly if he were to fail. This also doesn't stop him from noticing when others fail in their duties, which simply reaffirms that trusting one another that they will succeed is reckless.   • Persistent - If Rylfryn catches a trail of corruption or threat to the city he will stop at nothing in order to quell said threat. If this means retreating so that he can build up his strength then so be it, but he'll always keep the problem on his mind and prepare for its inevitable end.   • Resolute - It would take quite a bit to alter Rylfryn's convictions and ideals. Using logic is the best way to do so, but certain things he'd never give into especially when it comes to protecting Crevice and preserving the safety of its people.   • Orderly - Rylfryn is very organized almost meticulously so. Everything has its place and should be properly maintained and restocked. Being well prepared and well kept is something we should all stride for. However if the job calls for it he'll forgo what needs to in order to make it work.   • Practical - While Rylfryn holds certain beliefs and ways of going about things, he's also practical when it comes to his work and will alter himself when he needs to in order to keep his cover or to not stand out among those he's interacting with.

Vices & Personality flaws

• Manipulative - Rylfryn would never manipulate the people of Crevice if he doesn't have to, but if he's confronted by corruption, dealers of death, or any sort of demonic apparition that threatens the stratas he will not hesitate to intentionally scheme in his favor in order stop them.   • Brutal - If you're in a position to have seen Rylfryn act brutally then you've already crossed a line. If you have already crossed that line, he will not hesitate to join you there of his own accord.   • Condescending - Rylfryn can come off as condescending, especially during social situations unrelated to work as he often finds them of little importance and thus if you're wasting his time he'll simply ignore you. Social interactions with Rylfryn should serve a purpose in which case one should take the time to at the very least pronounce his name correctly...(Mara I'm looking at you :D)   • Cruel - One could definitely make an argument that Rylfryn is a cruel man, especially when it comes to his interrogations, but at the end of the cycle he's simply trying to better serve the Crevice and if that means cutting off a finger or two or threaten to have someone truly live in the dark by removing their eyes than so be it if it gets them to confess.


• Typically he's quite clean and well kept, it's only when he's undercover that he'll resort to dirtying himself up if the job calls for it.


Family Ties

Name: Viervyrae "Viv" Everhurden   Name Meaning: Dark Mistress of the Caverns of Darkness   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: Matron of House Everhurden   Relation: Grandmother   Traits: Cold, Stern, Serious, Hard to Please   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Sinrae Everhurden   Name Meaning: Pleasure Seeker of the Caverns of Darkness   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: Geneticist   Relation: Mother   Traits: Intelligent, Sensual, Scientific   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Silas   Status: Alive   Race: Nyoka   Occupation: Alchemist   Relation: Father   Traits: Power hungry, Reckless When Experiments Are Concerned, Ambitious   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Bergyl Everhurden   Name Meaning: Water Man of the Cavern of Darkness   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: Crustacean Supplier   Relation: Cousin   Traits: Joyful, Happy, Loves Life   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Quildorl Everhurden   Name Meaning: Mighty Ocean Warrior of the Cavern of Darkness   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: Ship Captain   Relation: Half Brother   Traits: Adventurous, Curious, Brave   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Kalanerin'ven Do'tyl   Name Meaning: Adviser to Lost Friends of the Pit Walkers   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: House Everhurden Tutor   Relation: Tutor   Traits: Optimistic, Strict, Quick Tempered   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Dirzniss Everhurden   Name Meaning: Gambler of Dreams of the Caverns of Darkness   Status: Deceased   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: Scout turned Genetic Researcher   Relation: Great Aunt   Traits: Curious, Driven, Dreamer   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Serode Galarina   Status: Alive   Race: Dust Elf   Occupation: The Darkness - Caster   Relation: Rylfryn's Handler   Traits:   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Farinin Shadowsword   Status: Somewhere Inbetween   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: A Former Headmistress of the Mage's College   Relation: Teacher   Traits:   _________________________________________________________________________   Name: Belatovyn   Status: Alive   Race: Shadow Elf   Occupation: 8th Year Student at the Mage's College   Relation: Researcher   Traits: Nervous, Shy, Cautious   _________________________________________________________________________

Religious Views

The importance of Cynosure is next to none in his eyes.

Social Aptitude

While Rylfyn is attempting to infiltrate an organization or an inner circle he is very charismatic though when presented with people he feels of little importance he can come off as arrogant or dismissive. He feels his time is of great importance and would rather not waste it with those that would waste it as well.

Hobbies & Pets


  • Adin'ven - Rylfryn's Familiar, it's snake like body is offset but it's anglerfish like head. It serves Rylfryn dutifully and listens to every command without question, being one of if not the only creature Rylfryn actually trusts. When not in use its dark shadowy body recedes up Rylfryn's coat sleeve leaving no trace of its existence until Rylfryn wishes its presence known to which it shoots out of the coat to where he's needed..  


  • Puzzles - Rylfryn often finds himself solving an assortment of puzzles, occasionally he will have one of the guilds build devices that's sole purpose is to be unlock through complicated means just to keep his mind honed. Other such puzzles include games of memory, patterns, and codes.   • Hydro Siphon - A stationary instrument used by connecting a varies set of water pipes to a long board that when one of its many keys are pressed it sounds forth musical notes. Each key press triggers a large specially made covering that releases from the piping causing water to shoot out thus creating a unique sound based of the pipe's size and shape. Given its size and complexity not many exist within Crevice and those that do are owned by wealthy individuals or those that live near large bodies of water. Not only does the music sooth Rylfryn its performance requires perfected finger placement and timing much like his spells.


Wealth & Financial state


  • Everhurden Estate - High above the waters and carved deep into the walls of Lake Strata rests the Everhurden Estate. Housing many member of House Everhurden and their trusted servants the structure could be seen just as much of a fortress as that of a home. The only commonly known entrance to the keep is a long bridge that overlooks the waters and hard rocks below, although other passages are rumored to exist that knowledge is limited to key figures of the family. Passed the bridge is where most of the families more public parties and events take place usually filled with tables of food and plenty of seating, however the actual structure is off limits to anyone other than family and honored guests. It is out here among the colorful fungi that also contains one of the few Hydro Ciphers to exist. Its water pipes have been mined down to the lake below allowing for its hauntingly beautiful music to fill the air during such events.   Given the vastness and diversity of trade that members of House Everhurden possess, the home contains a variety accommodations for practically anyone who would wish to stay there. Some of such rooms worthy of note consist of a personal library filled with copied tomes, a well stocked kitchen that flows into a grand dining hall, a small armory and training facility complete with targets and practice dummies, a modest workshop containing a heated forge, and lastly the matriarch's favorite location that of an animal enclosure and aquarium that shelters a number of unique animals found from around the city. The number and type of animals vary, but it is known to some that the matriarch has a small collection of housed snakes. These snakes were gifted to the matriarch by the Nyoka upon the birth of Rylfryn Everhurden. This honored tradition is said to only occur during significant births that have brought great trepidation to the family. Other than basic function House Everhurden like any self respecting family in the city is very much a family that values the ways of Cynosure and as such has built a private rebirthing pool used during Shadow Manifestations and other religious ceremonies at the top of their main structure this conservatory of sorts allows for the family to look out onto the estate but is magically infused to keep what goes on inside hidden to those looking towards the conservatory. Like Cynosure itself who guides and connects us all the many towers and buildings that make up the Everhurden Estate all bridge to this conservatory, the only exception being the guardhouse which manages the bridge.   Outside of the more specialty built rooms the manor contains what would normally be found in other such dwellings such as many well furnished bed chambers for resting, a large and more personal bathing area, a winery filled with vintage brews, a study for a place of relaxation and contemplation as well as tutoring, the grand hall that leads to a throne room of sorts for the matriarch to hear out family grievances, a large foyer decorated with intricate carvings, and of course a treasury that houses the family's fortune and items worth cataloging.   A great number of the day to day tasks are managed by a small contingent of unseen servants that dutifully attend to the needs of those in the home, with a small number of trusted family and associates that remain steadfast in keeping the manor safe from any thieving hands or assailants that should try anything untoward.   Hidden far below the estate and mined into the cavern walls leads to the most well kept hidden secret of Everhurden Estate, that of the family's genetic research facility. The facility has been there for many years and has undergone many experiments in genetic research to create Shadow Elves with enhanced abilities with the hope of breeding a better race. Many died in the process but eventually success was found. This facility houses many secret members of House Everhurden that were bred using said genetic manipulation but unlike other births their appearance was drastically different than that of a Shadow Elf thus they weren't allowed to leave the facility or risk outing the research to the public. Instead these creations help work on future generations of genetic manipulations using law breakers sentenced to life in imprisonment or death allowing for the experiments to go on without suspicion. The "failed" creations aren't the only employees down of the project however, a number of Shadow Elves from House Everhurden have spearheaded the project from the star well as a number of chosen few from across the city. While the majority of the races that make up the team are Shadow Elves and Nyoka, a diverse line up of other races also participate in the project. Non family and those wishing to hide their connection to House Everhuden are smuggled into the facility through hidden waterways. With the Everhurden's making their vast fortune from fishing and other sea faring exploits ferrying these individuals is easily done unbeknownst to the public.  


  • Independent - While Rylfryn comes from a wealthy family aside from staying at the estate any outside purchases must be made with money he's accumulated himself. Unless working in the same field relying on the family fully is seen as weakness.

Lawful Evil
Current Location
Lake Stratum
Year of Birth
9098 190 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Rylfryn was genetically created using the best aspects of Shadow Elves & Nyoka. During his Shadow Manifestation a vision of greatness was witnessed thus his new permanent name was chosen.
Everhurden Estate
Current Residence
Lake Strata
Biological Sex
Pleasure: Heterosexual Business: Bisexual
Gender Identity
Medium, Black
165 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We can do this the easy way or the hard way... I much prefer the easy way... far less screaming."
Aligned Organization
Strata Council
Known Languages
• Undercommon   • Elvish   • Abyssal   • Celestial   • Draconic

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Rylfryn Everhurden

Wizard 3 Class & Level
Faction Agent (The Darkness) Background
Shadow Elf / Nyoka Race
Lawful Evil Alignment

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
constitution 15
intelligence 18
wisdom 14
charisma 20
Total Hit Dice 1
Hit Die 1d6+2
2 proficiency bonus
12 Passive perception
0 Strength
2 Dexterity
2 Constitution
6 Intelligence
4 Wisdom
5 Charisma
saving throws
2 Acrobatics
2 Animal Handling
6 Arcana
0 Athletics
5 Deception
4 History
4 Insight
7 Intimidation
6 Investigation
2 Medicine
4 Nature
2 Perception
5 Performance
5 Persuasion
4 Religion
2 Sleight of Hands
2 Stealth
2 Survival
Hit Points
• Undercommon
• Abyssal
• Draconic
• Elvish
• Primordial


• I am intolerant of other faiths and condemn the worship of other gods.

• I’ve enjoyed fine food, drink, and high society among my family’s elite. Rough living grates on me.
Personality Traits
• Power. I hope to one day rise to the top of my city's hierarchy. (Lawful)
• I will do anything to protect the city and god that I serve.
• I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.

Features & Traits


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