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Niraful Market

An elf gives a Halfling a basket of roach eggs and she happily hands over a few Chips in exchange. She moves on the next stall to grab some herbs clearly for a great meal. The smell of fresh fish usually overtakes most everything near the Peddler's Gate, the smell always comes into my window. I can hear the kids playing by the Maker's Gate, there is always a new toy for them to try there. A massive horn bellows from the Piper's Gate which marks the arrival of the Strata Lift and even more people pour out into the square. Below me, my Dad was waiting patiently as Neldon Feedlenose tried to haggle the price of his cloth. Neldon would fail as usual. Dad once told me that he actually got Neldon to pay more than he originally asked. Poor guy. This is the life in Niraful Market, where everything begins.
From the Journal of Elistra Shadebeam, Daughter of the Thorvin Shadebeam, The Clothmaker.


The market is run by the agreements of all the guilds. Guards are provided by the Cavern of Creation to protect the people from pickpockets and thieves.


The Market is considered pretty safe compared to many others, although there are a few who can't resist the Chips passing hands and their own greed. The Stratum Guard usually have 500-1000 guards patrolling the area at any given point.


This is the home of every trade good in Crevice. If you can imagine it, you can find it here in the market. The Makers Guild will even take special requests and orders for you to pick up later. You can find the most recent styles and newest gadgets. Even the mages will bring their small magical nik naks to the Market for sale.


The Market sits in the largest cavern in the Guild Stratum with massive columns spread around to support it. It is organized by Gates. These are the entrances to the multiple guildhalls that exist throughout the city. There are currently 14 Gates around the Market. There are also 6 Strata Lift locations available around the Market. One is usually scheduled for each Period of the day.


The Market is the largest trading area in all of Crevice. Many people will bring their goods to the market in hopes of making a great profit.

Guilds and Factions

No guildhalls exist within the Market itself, but all the guilds participate. There are dozens of guilds around the Cavern, but currently 14 have a Grotto with a Gate to their hall. The lesser ones rent space from one of the major guilds to place their hall.

About 165,000 live in the market itself. Over 50,000 more will visit from other strata every cycle.
Location under
Cavern of Creation
Owning Organization
Government of Crevice

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2 Jul, 2018 19:49

Really great opening quote, I think this is something I need to adopt into my own writing at some point. Super inspiring!

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2 Jul, 2018 19:51

I love opening quotes, it's becoming very common for my articles. Just seems to set the mood better.

2 Jul, 2018 19:50

Interesting concept. Are the gates somehow also restricting access if you are not affiliated with any guild?

2 Jul, 2018 20:53

Only during certain times. Meetings and production happen at the guild halls as well.

2 Jul, 2018 19:50

The prose at the beginning describing a scene in the market is by far one of my favorite things about this article. I usually use quotes aid by people at various points in mine but I'll have to give your method a try sometime! It lends a gorgeous visual to the article!   The only thing I'd really like is a bit more expansion in the "Assest" section! I'm so curious what some of the most common goods sold in the market are now :D

2 Jul, 2018 20:54

Good idea, I'll work on that later. Thanks.

2 Jul, 2018 19:55

Love the opening quote! I feel like there's some meat missing to the description itself, I can't really picture the place or how it works. Perhaps going into a bit more depth of the main trade types, how the hubs are organized and such would work? A more physical description of the layout of the Market would be great!