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The Guild Stratum is a place of wealth and opportunity. A place of prosperity and riches. A place of shadows and secrets.


The merchants laid claim to this strata very early in the mining phase. They felt that the Lake Stratum had too many dangers to create a sprawling market place. The primary feature of this stratum is the massive dome that was carved to create a large are to trade and grow. The merchant families saw how quickly the population was growing and wanted a place that could hold over 100,000 people. Large pillars were constructed to support the dome and protect it from quakes. This strata has very few natural caves and is mostly just a layer of rock that can be molded and altered to fit the needs of the Cavern. Many merchants will hire mining guild members to expand or even create a new grotto for the ever growing population.

Natural Resources

Originally, there were large quantities of gems being mined here which eventually led a bustling economy. Currently, few of the mines generate much profit and have run dry of gems.
Cave System
Included Locations
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