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Cavern of Creation

Creation is taking something from your mind and making it with your hands.
  The Cavern of Creation is sometimes called the Jewel of Crevice. More Chips pass through the streets than anywhere else in the city. The clink, jingle and colorful flashes become apparent to any visitor to any of the many market centers. The people are dressed in the newest designs and you may see some interesting inventions being tried out for the first time as well. Most of the people come here with great dreams and many achieve those dreams. They will join a guild and become a distinguished member of society. Many more will fail and will move to another Strata or just barely scrape by with temporary work.


Elected Counsel and The Kyren

Industry & Trade

The market place is the most important industry. People come from all over Crevice to sell their wares and get a look at the newest fashions and inventions being marketed.


The Cavern is made of one massive dome in the center and several smaller grotto that branch off.


Almost all the Guilds house their primary headquarters here. It is also the location where the money called Chips is created.

Guilds and Factions

There are 11 major guilds that have their primary base in this Cavern.
  1. Makers Guild
  2. Smithy Guild
  3. Pipers Guild
  4. Sweeper Guild
  5. Tanner Guild
  6. Trainer Guild
  7. Carver's Guild
  8. Explorer Guild
  9. Stitch Guild
  There are also dozens of smaller guilds within the city, each one competing to gain more respect power and to create their own grotto. Having a grotto built from the stone is a sign of great respect.
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