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Makers Guild

The Makers Guild is one of the newer guilds to create a grotto. They are only 790 years old and have gained popularity very quickly. Their main goal is to create custom jobs that use the skills of many different people. They also have become the place for people to bring their bright ideas and have them come to fruition. The Makers Guild will take chances on young people with very little experience and may not have finished training or school.


While most guilds have Masters and Apprentices, the Makers Guild has Dreamers and Makers.

Dreamers are those who come to the guild with an idea they want to make real. They first present their idea to the guild leaders. If it isn't approved, they will usually provide some guidance on how to make it better. If it is approved, they will be assigned to a Maker to help them make their dream a reality. Some Dreamers will stay Dreamers for many years as their attempts fail to create a functional item. Some may never succeed and may never become Makers. Once they do succeed, the guild leaders will promote them to Makers.

Makers are those that have created a successful invention. Once they hit that achievement, they are given more responsibilities. They must arrange to sell their own invention and learn to market it to the people. They are also given orders by clients they must create. These are very specific items that may even need some unique designs. Lastly, the leaders may give them a Dreamer to help. They must Mentor the Dreamer in creating their invention.

A member of the Makers Guild may also be a member of another guild. This aspect is unique to the Makers Guild. Usually these are neither Dreamers or Makers, but are temporary members. These members are called Backers. The Backers are hired because their skills are needed for a specific job. Instead of going to the Smith Guild to get a specialized spear tip made, the Makers Guild will call upon a Smith Guild Backer that they have pre-approved or worked with before and invite them to assist with the project. While working on the project they are considered part of the Makers Guild.


The Makers Guild has had a strange history in the city. It started with a gnome named Kork Stitterban who had an idea for an invention. He was very secret about what he wanted to create, but soon realized he needed help to create it. He went to the Smith Guild for the metal work and the Stitch Guild for the cloth work. He would then head to the Trainer Guild for the animal work. This took quite a bit of time and a ton of confusion for an invention that he would never make (although some suggest he did, but it failed terribly). He did get another idea though. He would create a business helping others create their inventions. He gained some contacts in each of the large guilds and few in the smaller guilds which would allow him to quickly access the skills of whomever the person needed. This led to pretty unusual inventions, but also led to a lot of attention. Eventually the other guilds took notice and started changing the terms of their agreements with Kork and the small group of people he employed. In order to combat this turn of events, he went to the Counsel and requested a Guild License so he may create long term contracts and agreements. After several years to gain the license and the Sitterban Guild was created. Kork used his newfound power as a guild to help balance out the contracts with other guilds, but this led to an unexpected consequence. The other guilds saw him as a threat and refused to contract with him. Within two years of the creation, the guild would fail and Kork would be forced to back into obscurity.

A year later the Lift Guild, which was still small, but had gained some power after several terrifying accidents in the Lifts. The Strata Lift was very old technology that was in need of an update, but the Lift Guild was struggling coming up with ideas. During a meeting with the Counsel, an invention request that was actually filed through the Kork Guild and the inventor's name was withheld. Nordin Sodworn (leader of the Lift Guild) found Kork and requested his services in building the invention. Kork explained his problems with the other Guilds and Nordin saw an opportunity. He would team up with the Kork Guild and use the newfound influence to get help from the other Guilds. He did request that Kork change the name to something less personal, which may help the image of his guild. Kork changed the name to the Makers Guild.

This cooperation was very effective and soon the Lifts were getting their updates and the Makers Guild had their first major contract. Kork was able to grow the Guild effectively over the years and strove to keep good relations with the other Guilds.

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