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Deep underground, time can not be tracked by the movement of the sun, moon and stars and the people were left in the dark. At first water clocks were attempted to recreate time from the surface, but were found to be unreliable at best. A discovery by the miners in the First Age (Age of Tears) finally created a solution. A special fungas was discovered that seemed to change colors over time on a regular basis. It was called the Rainbow Fungus. After some study it was discovered that it cycled on a regular enough basis that it could be used to track time. From that point the fungus is grown on the buildings of the Lake Stratum and on the ceilings of the other Strata in order to track time. Time is divided and measured by the color of the fungus.The entire day is called a Cycle.


The Cycle

  Early Blue,Blue,Late Blue   Blue/Green Blend   Early Green,Green,Late Green   Green/Yellow Blend   Early Yellow,Yellow,Late Yellow   Yellow/Orange Blend   Early Orange,Orange,Late Orange   Orange/Red Blend   Early Red,Red,Late Red   Red/Purple Blend   Early Purple,Purple,Late Purple   Purple/Blue Blend

  Each Color Period is close to 3 hours long, while the blends are only about a half hour long. The day is actually about 22 hrs long for the city. Most people sleep during the Red, Purple and Blue Periods. The Blue Period includes all three parts of blue. The Blend periods are just called Blends. The light created by the fungus is not very bright and does very little to help vision. Most people have it grown in their houses and several "clocks" have been created to help track it.

This will later be used in conjunction with the Vale Calendar to track time throughout Crevice.


This is generally the only light that is used. Bright lights are outlawed as dangerous to the city. These lights only create a soft glow that goes out a couple of feet. The fungus is placed around the city as well as on the "sky" so everyone can track it easily.


The Lake Stratum is unique in that is does not have a ceiling. Here, the fungus is places on the building walls as well as large pillars around the city. Paradise Stratum is also unique in that the ceiling is made of ice. Here the fungus is placed in special pillars which also help to support the ceiling. Cryo and Hydro Starta have to control the fungus more as it may effect some of the crops they are growing. The fungus is kept in special crystal jars designed to support their normal growth.

Special Note As the city has grown, it has been difficult to limit work in all the Strata to the Yellow and Orange Period, although that was early tradition. By the Fifth Age (Age of Brilliance), that practice started to wan. It is still tradition in most of the upper Strata, but most of the lower Strata don't follow it as strictly.

Traditions and Superstitions

  Blue: Renewal. This is represents the new Cycle and purity. Many weddings and blessings occur in this Period.   Green: Strength: Generally considered rude to eat before or after this Period.   Yellow: Awareness: As the "brightest" part of the day, Demons may be stalking in the light.   Orange: Perseverance. Work hard and you will be guided to success.   Red: Love. Enjoy some time with those you love. Celebrations are considered blessed during this Period.   Purple: Safety. It is appropriate to rest in safety during this Period. Being out may mean you are doing something illegal or inappropriate.

Daily Life

  Blue: Wake up if there is a wedding or blessing to attend. Others tend to sleep in if they had a celebration in the Red Period.   Green: Gain your strength by preparing and eating a large meal. Usually the largest meal of the Cycle. Prepare for work and the rest of the Cycle.   Yellow: Usually working and is one of the busiest times in the city. Others will take this time to do errands around the city and enjoy personal time.   Orange: Also part of the work day, towards the Late Orange Period people will be preparing to leave work. Most work ends by the Orange/Red Blend.   Red: People will take this time to go enjoy life with friends and family. Birthdays and parties are usually set for this Period and will end towards Late Red. If there is no celebration, many will head home and have their second meal before going to bed.   Purple: Most people are asleep at this time. Sleep is usually at least two Periods for most people. Most will go to sleep during Red and wake at Blue if they have no events to attend.

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Karin Ayame
24 Jan, 2018 01:56

can't wait to play!

GoblinVK Kolton Lindell
2 Feb, 2018 13:57

Really interesting and cool concept. I would personally love to use color-changing fungus as a clock.   "What's the time?"   "It's uh.. yellow."

22 Jun, 2018 15:32

I really like how you attached the colors of the fungus to values and activities! Makes it very unique and different from a normal sun cycle! Well done.

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