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This stratum was nothing but a massive layer of ice. It took the longest to dig through and after a lot of exploration mining, the mining guild gave up trying to explore it and just started digging straight down. There was concern by many that they had dug as far as they could and there was nothing but ice left. They would finally hit stone again after many years and the Giants would lay claim to the land and turn it into the Paradise it is today.   Division of Land   The Giants divided the icy landscape into four parts to create the world they wanted. They created a vacation place for all of Crevice.   The Mountain   Several large ice mountains were carved from the ice creating slopes of snow and ice. There are many skiing slopes available as well as a variety of other events and activities.   The Pond   This area was turned into a flat pond. Water is layered evenly on top creating a flat icy surface to skate on. Thousands of people can skate on The Pond at ounce. It is divided up as to keep some control and this a fun experience for the kids as well.   Snow Plain   This is an area where they have created snow. The flurries come down for a couple of hours a day and people will do a variety of things with it. Building things and throwing the snow being the two favorites. Racing in the snow is also a fun challenge for many people.   The Hills   Although this is actually the @Cavern of Love, most people call it The Hills. Almost all of the habitations are in the Hills. This area has carved houses in the ice which make the area look like massive hills flowing up and down.


Massive mountains and great frozen plains were carved from this ice. Once the thickness of the ice was discovered, the giants requested to lay claim to the stratum and design it to their means.

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Ice, and tons of it. The level seems to stay well under freezing and water can be added and will freeze quickly. They also learned how to create snow that falls from the ceiling at scheduled times.
The Giants' Guide   The giants had a lot of difficulty adjusting to life in Crevice. Many had to stay on the Lake Stratum despite the difficulties they had with the elves that kept claiming the territory in the Cavern of Tears. The other Strata would become unstable if they were to adjust the height to make the giants more comfortable. Although there are areas in the Caverns that are built for them, it is difficult for them to travel to many of the areas.   The Giants claim on the ice was surprising to many and the vote by the Councils was overwhelming in favor of it. This was mostly because there seemed very little use of the area except for the ice. There were almost no other mining opportunities at least until the Diamond Wall was found.   The Giants were more united than many of the other races and they quickly agreed on the design that was both functional for them and would be profitable. The Giants would be guided by an ancient child's book found in the library called The Snow Trip. A book about snow and winter in the world above.
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