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Wood-Malen Birthday traditions

Birthdays in Wood-Malen culture are rarely celebrated. Not only is a year nothing in the lifespan of most Malen, Wood-Malen usually do not care for such trivial ceremonies or celebrations. Birthdays are "nothing special" and as such, should not be celebrated every year. However, there are a few instances where they are celebrated.  

Periodic celebration

Every decade, century, and millennium, birthdays are celebrated at increasing intensity. It's still nothing compared to some cultures. But in some parts of Ell'fyca the celebrators go out to have dinner, and in some parts attend tourneys. But a single thing that really stands out form most other non-malen cultures, or rather doesn't stand out, is the fact that there are usually no presents involved. Their philosophy behind it is that giving a present at a birthday always feels forced. Besides that, when your birthday comes around, you will get a present back. In reality, you are just spending each others money. This is contrasting to the fact that presents are relatively quickly given in Ell'fycan culture. But the point of a present, or so they say, is to not want anything back for it. Otherwise it's just an exchange.  


When Wood-Malen become twenty, their lives will finally begin. Usually, around this time, they are quite aggressive and itching for a fight. From their twentieth to their one-hundredth birthday, they will fight their way to a respectable military rank, or die trying. One of the cornerstones of Ell'fycan society is that everyone learns to fight. And their twenties are the perfect time to begin this. Finishing education and starting to really get invested in fighting. This birthday is usually celebrated quite grandiosely. A banquet or at least a party. For every next year might be their last.    


Like previously stated, Wood-Malen usually calm down a lot when they get to around a hundred. This is usually the time when they start to, for example, study at an academy, join a mercenary band, make a career somewhere, or continue training. The latter is quite popular, given that Wood-Malen have a culture of fighting and conflict. So their hundred birthday is worthy of some celebration. Usually around the size of their twentieth birthday.  


A thousand years, that's a long time. But in Wood-Malen culture only then you are considered fully adult. High-end jobs like general or warchief are only really achievable by Malen of this age. And the death of someone who's lived until this stage is quite a tragedy. Their first millennia is usually celebrated quite largely.

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