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Birthday inside the Mothership

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new
-Sammy Hagar

Festivities of Life

  It is a joyous occasion inside the mother ship when someone completed a cycle of their timeline to increase the number of their presence. Since there's three races inside the mother ship, all of them have different custom and point of view for this festival of life.  

Humans Birthday

  There's no sweet treat inside of this ship and to substitute for that humans usually present a savory treat of meat and veggies with appropriate layers up to the age of the birthday recipient. Have you ever seen a condensed forty five layer of lasagna into a single serving? If not, you're in for a treat. After the feast is done, then everyone that attend the festivities will share a moment that they cherish with the birthday recipient. It could be their achievement together, it could be their progress together, and perhaps a life long commitment together. That day would be a day of appreciation and a day of celebrations with hearty feast. This particular ritual of appreciation is done to renew their goals and sense of direction each and every year to inspire and to nurture them into a good human being that's capable and reasonable as well.  

Awakened Animals Birthday

  Circle of life is mysterious, however this doesn't stop the animals to have their own celebration. Awakened animals usually embrace their primal instinct for a day and dance to their heart content. They hummed and create a harmonious yet solemn series of sounds that resemble acappella. This is done to respect their animal ancestors. It is serve as a reminder to be humble, brave, and courteous to oneself and the other. Feast and drinks are optional, then again this celebration usually have a games to test one prowess or wits with their close family and friends.  

Elementals Birthday

  Elementals are not familiar with the concept of celebration of birth. They find it strange to celebrate something that is redundant. Instead of making it a festival, elementals are giving the newborn elements with an accessories that is personal  to their respective affinity. This is done to blessed them with a name from their parents and to maintain their Flares from cases of intractable elementari.

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