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Without the constant fear of the Great End that many Sophonts suffer, the Unfallen often find themselves trapped within an endless cycle of reptition with little variance or reason for celebration. The passing of days, weeks, or even years means little to those who may find themselves living indefinitely. To help combat the timelessness of their existance, the Unfallen), particularly of Bastion or Grinwalde, have begun celebrating the day they died, known as their Deathmarch.
Why celebrate your birth when your death is far more memorable?

Time of Departure

To ensure the accuracy of one's Deathmarch, several Priests of Lady Death offer services to magically scry the death of an individual. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you can just simply learn the date of your death or, if you have enough coin, you can relive the moment.
This article was created during Summer Camp 2020 and may contain out of date information.

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