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Coming of age ceremony - botanical tomes

In the [something] culture, a copy of the household’s Tome of Botanical Ancestry is made for the eldest child when they come of age, marking them as the leader of the family’s following generation.
In the year leading up to that birthday, the eldest child studies the deep history recounted in their parents’ Tome more intensely. In all the years previous to the coming of age, children will hear and retell the tales of the family’s history on significant dates or during culturally important activities - local and national holidays, anniversaries of their ancestors’ birth and death days, or in times of grief, great emotional unrest, and uncertainty - but are not required to actively study them until the year before they become eligible to become the head of the next generation. As such, in this year, the eldest child will also step into the role of the family scribe, detailing significant occurrences in the household and in the well-being of the ancestral plant, to prepare them for the responsibility of maintaining their own copy of the family tome.
In the year the child makes these preparations, the preparations beginning with the child’s birth by their caregivers will finally come into fruition. In addition to collecting material from the family’s ancestral plant to make the paper for the family’s tome, the child’s caregivers must also collect and set aside enough material for the future copy of the tome to be created with their coming of age. In addition to crafting these herbally imbued papers for the new copy, the family will, as a whole, also collect any berries or deeply saturated flowers the ancestral plant produces in its active season to imbue their ink with the plant’s essence. It is common practice for the caregivers to craft a special cover for the new tome that is reflective of the child’s personality, resulting in a wide variety of appearances in tomes in each pocket of the community and even within one family line.

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