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Eighth Orbit Celebration

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Birthdays among the Rilsu are celebrated every eighth orbit (pandukuz) after the person in question (the pandukuzmi) has hatched.



The pandukuzmi traditionally celebrates together with family and friends.  


Pandukuz are traditionally celebrated with a highly nutritious type of cake, singo rofitru, that is reserved for this occasion. The traditional beverage is unat kimpomi, a mixture of various fruit juices and a certain mushroom species.  


Young pandukuzmi who have not completed their school education yet are given presents such as toys or useful devices from their family members. Academy students are usually given money to save up for specific wishes, whereas pandukuzmi who are already in employment no longer receive any gifts. Instead, the latter traditionally pay for the expenses of the celebration, to thank those who have supported them through the years.  


People traditionally dance to music from the previous eight orbits. Games such as team sports or adventure simulations are also common, especially when children are present.



The celebration takes place every eight orbits around Kasavoa, exactly 256 days after the pandukuzmi has hatched from their egg. The time of day when the shell cracked is often emphasized as well, with people counting down to this time and toasting to the pandukuzmi at that point.  


There are two major milestones in a young Rilsu's life.   The pandukuz at 40 orbits precedes a child's school entry. On this occasion the pandukuzmi is commonly gifted educational toys related to a topic that particularly interests them, to support the child's innate curiosity.   At 128 orbits, a Rilsu reaches the age of legal responsibility. For this pandukuz, most parents register their child for the first piloting lessons.

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