Coming of Age

On this day we are here to celebrate the coming of age of these children into the ranks of adulthood. Should any disagree let them speak now or their silence will declare the children are of age.
— Wandering Journeyman performing the rites of adulthood under the watchful eye of a Master, for the town of Slipstream Craglim Reach


The people of Craglim Reach do not celebrate birthdays on a yearly basis.  They acknowledge the Birth of the new child.   The next time they are recognized is when they come of age at sixteen - provided there is a druid nearby to perform the rites. They used to celebrate yearly birthdays, however, when the children didn't survive to adulthood the families stopped worrying about individual birthdays.  They adopted the celebration of the achievement of reaching adulthood instead.


Once or twice a year a druid would arrive in the town and all the children of age tallied and prepared for the rites of passage. This would include the demonstration of skills needed to tend a family and run a household, cooking and sewing for women and, knowledge of a craft for men.

Components and tools

This ceremony requires the local druid to be at hand, and a feast to be prepared.


A coming of age ceremony is celebrated by the entire town with the local druid being the one to perform the rituals. The children who are coming of age will be presented to the druid by the parents. The druid would read the omens for the children and determine whether or not they are ready for marriage.  If they are, the townspeople are asked if there is anyone available or suitable to the parents and the young adults.


The observance of this rite of passage is held once or twice a year depending on the schedule of the druid.  Though there are about ten druids who travel through the kingdom, they only reach each town a couple of times a year.  The druids try to maintain a consistent schedule for the townsfolk depending on their route.


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