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1201 OTO

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The World of Corrigenda is populated by four races Human, Dragons, Fae and The Eldritch. The inhabitants work to live in peace with one another, but forces have started to arise and the peace is starting to fall apart bit by bit since the Druids of Corrigenda have started slipping in the task to which they were originally created.


The kingdoms of Kingdom of Herigmark , Gaullium and Craglim Reach have been maintaining a truce for the last five hundred years based on both the teachings of Servalin and the fact that when they had warred, a Dragon by the name of Sigmund who interposed himself between the advancing armies.

War only serves to destroy all those who partake
— Sigmund the Elder quoting King Monocles the second of Craglim Reach 975 OTO
Servalin created the Druid Order so that he could unite all the nations through a peaceful endeavour. His goal was to have members from every nation. Because of his creation of the Order, the calendar became dependent on that. BTO refers to the time Before The Order and OTO is Of The Order. His goal was to see the end of the Unending War. He succeeded in accomplishing the task in 9 OTO

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