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Druids of Corrigenda

The Druid Order of Corrigenda was established by Servalin in the year 1 BTO in a time of severe unrest and warfare between the many nations.   Servalin sought out the best and brightest in the world and trained them to be law-keepers and guides for the people. He didn't care whether those he gathered were male or female, Human or Dragon. Search though he might he could never seem to find a Fae who was willing to train for the order. He was trying to gather representatives of all the races of Corrigenda so that there could be an equal representation, with no one being left out.   Though over the years the Order has become a male-dominated organization, through the edicts Grand Druid Veldar, who decided to fill the conclave with cronies of is own in order to exert more power over the kingdoms. By decree, women and the other races were considered to be less than capable and unworthy of training. Any Master caught training a member of the aforementioned groups was immediately dismissed from the order and relieved of life.


There are varying degrees within the Druid order, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Grand Druid.
Apprenticeship: involves a current master to chose someone to join the ranks of the order, there is extensive training in magics, law, culture and wilderness survival which the apprentice needs to show competent knowledge of involved in order to proceed to the journeyman level. Which is then celebrated with a ritual of advancement during the Feast of Servalin, where they receive a new medalion.
Journeyman: involves just that, a journey into the greater world to gather knowledge of other places and customs to which they may find themselves in as both adjudicators and educators. Upon completion of the journey which is guided by a master and of no less than one year in duration. (If they survive) they are elevated to the rank of master and awarded the insignia of the office at the Feast of Servalin.
Master: The duties of the master druid is to find and educate the next generation, lead the nations away from conflict if possible. They run the Conclave with the Grand(High) Druid as the overall leader. There are two ways to become grand druid, either the current grand druid has to pass away from natural causes in which case all the remaining masters form a conclave to vote on a new grand druid. Or the other way is to challenge the current Grand Druid for his position. The contest is to the death. The only thing you can use are your wits, staff and skills in the arcane arts. There must be at least three witnesses and they do not need to be of the order, just capable of providing evidence for the Conclave.
Grand Druid: Once the status of Grand Druid is achieved it is held for life. The Grand Druid has the responsibility to guide the order. Any actual changes to the order must be made by this position and can only be changed when and if a Grand Druid decrees it. There are a few exceptions, the Order must remain a tool for peace and the way advancement works is immutable.


The Druid order is currently Human Male-dominated. That being said, Grand Druid Veldar and his conclave of masters have decreed that no girl child can ever be trained or accepted into the order. This change was made almost on the day Veldar took the mantle of Grand Druid and has been viciously upheld. There have been a few masters to flout the ruling because they felt it was irresponsible to leave some of the brightest minds to rot. Besides to them the teachings of Servalin spoke clearly that all people should be given a chance to prove themselves through merit. The only way to change that is to become the Grand Druid and change the ruling.


The Druid Order lives off the land and by the generosity of those it helps and comes in contact with. Druids are welcome guests of the rulers of the nations, offered food from those who live near where they stop for a night while travelling. Masters are permitted to own property so they have somewhere to train an apprentice. The Apprentice and Journeyman are not permitted to own property as this is considered detrimental to the learning process.

Wisdom through experience

Founding Date
The Order was established in 1 BTO (Before the Order)
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