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City Watch

The City Watch of Herigberg was established to maintain peace and harmony in the Capital so that all members of the citizenry could flourish. With a flourishing population, the taxes flow easily into the crown coffers which in turn pays for the watch.  


  The city watch consists of three watches for each day, morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening, and an all-night watch. These are rotated through the constabulary so that every member covers every watch within a month. One week of each, with a week off, during the rotation. This means that there are a total of four watches to cover all the rotations.   Each watch consists of twenty officers and a desk Seargent.  They travel in pairs while performing their rounds. Each patrol consists of an area of about fifteen blocks, with an overlap of two blocks on each side.      


  The duties of the Watch are to maintain order and apprehend those who break the laws of the city, and the land. The King's laws are strict but fair. Once someone is apprehended they are taken to the city jail and held for trial. At the trial, the arresting officers are called upon to give testimony. In order for the King's justice to be fair and equitable, the courts make use of a Truthseeker, whose duty it is to search for falsehoods in all the testimony presented to the court. Any officer caught knowingly in a falsehood risks the same punishment as the accused. These methods ensure the Watch remains vigilant and honest.


The city watch is lead by the Captain of the Watch who sets up the rotation schedule.  The Desk Seargent takes the reports from the officers and files the paperwork.

Peace and Harmony

Founding Date
650 OTO
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Constabulary, The Watch
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Palace economy
They are paid by the crown in silvers.  The City Watch has a fund for use in purchasing uniforms and equipment.
Official State Religion


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Sep 4, 2020 06:43 by CoffeeQuills the Coffee Quaffer

Good sense of structure and it was nice to see that they have a week off. A little curious about how their equipment/uniform helps capture magic users (such as druids, etc.)