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Servalin (Sir-VA-len)

Grand Druid, Servalin the Eldritch Servalin

Servalin is the Eldritch of honour and merit. His teachings were that the individual should be judged on what they have done, not on their gender or race. He was born human in 72 BTO. As the founder of the Druids of Corrigenda Order he became revered by many. He lived by his own personal Motto
Wisdom through Experience
— Servalin
He knew people had to learn the hard way on many different fronts but the decision of whether to rise again after failing was what determined their worthiness. He grew up watching the nations fighting each other and causing hardships for the poor people of the fields and fens.
Throughout his life, Servalin studied magic, law and dabbled in herbalistic healing. At the age of forty-nine, he began travelling the world extensively gathering up a small cadre of followers and teaching them everything he knew. His followers were Human and Dragon, Male and Female. He did his travelling for twenty years to gather up the "best and brightest" to change the world and have a strong basis for a moral group to guide monarchs and nations. At the age of seventy-one, he formed his order of druids, which he ran for sixteen years until his death. Though try as he might, the Fae refused to join him. They preferred to remain aloof and separate from the other races. The Dragons were all too willing to join him as they are a disparate race with long lives and a sparse population, looking for a way to secure the longevity of their race.   There were many books accreditated to Servalin dealing with morality and ethics. Though some have no proof they were written by him there is circumstantial evidence he had a role in their creation.   His order was twenty-five strong at its inception, himself and ten other masters, with ten journeymen and four apprentices. Upon his death at the age of eighty-seven, the Order was forty strong, and the rest of the world had started to understand his teachings and he became venerated by the masses.

Mental characteristics


Studied many esoteric texts and arcane lore. Chose to learn about the wider world through travel and gathering wisdom from those he met, learning everything they had to teach him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments

Though try as he might, the Fae refused to join him. They preferred to remain aloof and separate from the other races.

Morality & Philosophy

The teachings of Servalin, spread throughout his lifetime but really increased in acceptance after his death. With the reverence of the masses, Servalin became one of The Eldritch. These once mortal beings who have earned the status of immortality through deeds and teachings. It is rare that any should be elevated above the rest and so those who achieve this state become more than they once were.


Religious Views

Servalin created the Druid Order and held the beliefs that the betterment of all was vastly more beneficial than the betterment of the individual.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
His Moralness
The Marsh Fens of Gaullium
Current Residence
The Ether
Quotes & Catchphrases
There is no true success while there is no co-operation
— Servalin Grand Druid of the Order
Life is an experience to be lived fully
— Servalin the young
When you harm another you do more harm to yourself
— Servalin on his death bed
Aligned Organization
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