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Myth of The Eldritch


The only thing worth having is the love of a family, a good home and decent food!
— The Eldritch of the Hearth and Field
The creation of the eldritch is a mystery as there seems to be no hard and fast rule about though rumours indicate that if enough people agree with the tenets the person could be elevated to the Eldritch. Of course, no one knows for sure just how many Eldritch there are, but by the last figuring it was believed to be about one thousand. Many names have been lost over time along with gender and portfolio.

Variations & Mutation

The truth about the Eldritch is that how the people perceive them is how they appear. Over the centuries there have been Eldritch who have been changed from one gender to the other, and even a few who have become genderless.
Trustng in the weather is the only way to go, when you try to force it one way or another it never turns out right.
— Caitlyn Eldritch of Storms 175 BTO
The Eldritch of Storms has been in all three gender iterations and is currently locked as genderless.

Cultural Reception

Cultural perception is what creates the Eldritch and keeps them in reverence. The loss of belief in a particular Eldritch and they lose all power, though they are still alive. The belief that the only way to kill one of the Eldritch is to have another Eldritch kill him/her.
There is life and there is death but the greatest in the cycle is rebirth!
— Meridedd Eldritch of the Cycle of Life 249 OTO
When depictions are made of an Eldritch they take on those aspects. The depictions of the Eldritch can vary from one country to another which can really be interesting when they travel.

In Literature

The Eldritch have only recently started to be recorded in literature and tomes. The scribes who have started recording the history and stories of the Eldritch make an effort to depict them.

In Art

The Eldritch are usually portrayed as larger than life and luminescent, with a large halo surrounding their body.
Date of First Recording
252 BTO
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