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The Fae are not your usual species.  They have subcultures within subcultures.

Basic Information


With the many differing ethnicities it will be easier to cover this where appropriate within the ethnicities.

Genetics and Reproduction

Due to the extensive variety of ethnicities within the fae it is not generally known if there is any hard evidence of when and how they reproduce. Therefore, this will be covered under each of the ethnicities as is appropriate.   The only thing that seems to be universal is the ability to reproduce with any of the sapient races of Corrigenda. This leads to the child being of the mother's race/ethnicity. There have been times where the child has been born of a grandparent's ethnicity within the fae. Even when this happens, the parents still raise them as if they were of the parents' ethnicity, until the child either decides they wish to learn the culture of the perceived ethnicity, remain within the culture of the parent ethnicity, or leave the fae wildlands to live in the outside world of Corrigenda.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most fae are vegetarian.  Those who are not, prefer to eat natural game meat and not that raised specifically for the slaughter. They respect nature and the circle of life. However, they will eat kept herd meat when it is necessary and they are not in their own lands.

Biological Cycle

Fae usually reach an age of maturity between one hundred twenty and two hundred years of age.  What is considered coming of age differs between each ethnicity.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Every ethnicity within the fae have their own unique abilities or deficits.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Within certain ethnicities, there are very structured gender ideals and roles. There are some ethnicities where the gendered roles are fluid and it is acceptable for either gender to undertake those roles.   Most fae do not understand the concept of transgender (twinsoul ), as they have not fully studied the way of nature and the fact there are some species which will spontaneously change from male to female and vice versa. This being said the instances of a transgender fae are very rare, though they do happen.


We became during a great darkening of Corrigenda. The only other race worth talking to were the dragons who had been here since before we became. At first they were somewhat wary of us and us of them. Their far greater size was concerning, especially for our tiny, winged members. After about a hundred years we learned they could be trusted and were keepers of great lore. They taught us about the magic of the world and how it was linked to our very being.   Then came the humans. They were much shorter-lived than we were and very independant. They would take knowledge and then twist it to suit their own needs. For the longest time we were able to work alongside them in the fields and forests. That is, until the next time there was a great darkening and all the world changed.   There came to be only one place where things would grow. All the beasts of the forests and plains retreated to this area and the land was contested by all who had need. This became a war of such proportions that we nearly became extinct, even after there was enough land for all to thrive upon it. The humans had decided they wanted to control all of it, so we retreated to a realm of our own making.
— excerpt from the great tome of history
The average lifespan of the fae is between nine hundred to one thousand years. With the rare exceptions of some who have reached the age of eleven hundred years.
Average Height
The average height of the fae can range anywhere from three inches for the pixie to as tall as twenty-five-foot giants.
Average Weight
Due to the expansive differences in weight between all the ethnicities. The average weight will be covered within the corresponding articles.
Geographic Distribution
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