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"Ye know there is a lovely patch of fireweed to the north of here. Would you be able to focus on that this year?"   "Buzz, buzz," dancing in a complex polygonal pattern.   "Thank you. As per our usual agreement half is yours."   "Buzzzzzzzz" stomps thrice.   "What do you mean I have three quarters of it?"   "Buzz, buzz, buzz buzz buzzzz," quick circle.   "Ah I see. You still have more than enough left over from last year and no where to put it. That is fair. I will add a section to your hive just for the fireweed honey for myself.  Would that work?"   "Buzzbuzz buzzbuzzbuzz."
— Satyr to the Queen Bee of number five hive.
  Satyrs are one of the few fae capable of talking to the wildlife of Corrigenda. This makes them valued in the natural community if not in the fae community. Satyrs prefer to make their homes in the forests all across Corrigenda. Though with the encroachments of the humans into the forests they are finding their homes and lands are slowly disappearing. The exceptions to this are the mountain forests in Herigmark, the druid forest and grove, and the border forest of Thormalk.


Culture and cultural heritage

Satyrs of all genders take pride in their beards. Other than dwarves they are the only ethnicity capable of growing beards on every member. The males enjoy trimming their beards into intricate designs, while the females like to grow theirs out to braid them in a single plait.   Satyrs though they do wed, are free with their favours. This means that even if the male partner was not the biological father of the child it is still his. For satyrs family is everything. They don't care who the biological father is. Though each partner is aware of the other's dalliances no questions are asked.   Satyrs suffer from a wanderlust which will take them far from home for a good portion of the year, if not longer. Usually only one partner will leave the home to go wandering at a time, while the other tends to the lands and crops.   Satyrs have a love of fine wines and meads; this means they have taken to crafting their own. They have become especially skilled at beekeeping.   With frivolity and pleasure, they seek intimacy with anyone willing for a tumble. With this in mind young unmarried satyrs have a proclivity for returning home pregnant. Her parents never bat an eyelash as this seems to almost be expected of a young satyr maid.

Common Etiquette rules

When visiting a satyr it is common etiquette to bring a bottle of wine or mead to share with your host.  Whether or not the entire bottle is drunk depends on the quality of the beverage.  It is also considered rude to turn down the host's offers of drink.

Common Dress code

Satyr males have a penchant for shirts and jackets with tails, while the females prefer to wear simple linen kirtles, or skirts. The unmarried females wear the skirts leaving their upper torso exposed. The married ones wear kirtles.     There have been instances where satyrs have not identified as their bodies would dictate. In these situations the satyr would dress according to how they do identify.  This has led to some wearing a shirt and tails matched with a skirt.

Art & Architecture

Satyrs consider the crafting of fine wines and specialized meads to be an art form. This is one where satyrs excel over other crafters since they have the patience to leave it to age for a hundred years or more to be "just right". Their beverages are highly sought outside the fae wilds and can fetch a very good price.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Satyrs follow a tradition of sampling their brews once a year.  This is so they can tell where it is in flavour and strength.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a young faun is born there is not much made of it until the partner is home.  This is so that the entire family can celebrate the newest addition to the family.   If the new mother happens to be unmarried, then she will wait until both her parents are home before there is a celebration.

Coming of Age Rites

Female satyrs are considered to have come of age when they first return home pregnant. For males coming of age is when they begin to feel the itch to wander.  For those who do not identify as one or the other will choose the itch unless they have already become pregnant. For the rare few who are incapable of becoming pregnant the itch to wander is also valid.   For female satyrs, the actual ritual is the act of childbirth. For male satyrs, the act of going on a walkabout is the rite of passage. Upon the completion of the task/trial, they are considered to be full members of the adult community.  Those who do not identify with either will accept the rite of passage they prefer or are forced into.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a satyr dies the family constructs a platform to lay them out on. They will commission the closest smith to craft a wire mesh to cover the body. The body is placed on the platform with the mesh covering them and left for the birds to pick the bones clean of flesh. Once this is complete the bones are gathered, wrapped in the mesh and placed with the other members of the family in a crypt of dry stone construction.

Common Taboos

Satyrs consider it taboo to leave the bones of their ancestors behind when they move. This means that if the family separates, the bones in the crypt are divided up between each group. Once they settle down again they will craft a new crypt and re-inter the bones within. It is always the first thing they will do even before seeing to their own shelter needs.

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  Satyr females have a twenty-six day cycle which coincides with the phase of Ciará under which she was born. Her moonblood starts flowing on her ninety-fifth birthingday.   Satyr males oddly enough suffer from cramps every thirty-one days in direct correlation to the phase of Guatama under which he was born. These cramps begin on his ninetieth birthingday.   Unfortunately for those who do not conform to either gender, they must deal with the moon cycle according to their assigned gender at birth.  
  Satyrs have horns on their heads, these can be anything from cute little nubs to great double curls. Most only have two horns, but it is not unknown for some to develop four.   A satyr's legs are covered in fur, which are known to resemble trews. This fur can vary from fine to thick and usually matches the hair on their heads, there have been some exceptions.  
  Satyrs average in height from four feet to five foot six inches. All genders have no differentiation in their heights.  
  Satyrs average in weight from seventy-five pounds to one hundred sixty-five pounds.  Again there is no gender differentiation.  
  Male satyrs have craggy faces with neatly trimmed beards. Female satyrs have fair skin with neatly braided beards. Those who do not fit into male or female have a combination of the two facial features, as if their body really cannot make up its mind whether they are one or the other. They are likely to wear their beards long and loose.   Their hair and fur can range in colour from blond to black, with the most common being an auburn to chestnut brown.  
  Satyrs have really good hearing and an acute sense of smell.   Along with the hearing comes the ability to communicate with all the creatures of the forest. This allows them to help the animals who need help, as well as to work with the bees to gain specific types of honey, which the satyrs use in crafting their mead.   With their acute sense of smell, they can pick up on the pheromones most miss. This helps them in their lusty pursuits. Young giant females are especially keen when a satyr starts flirting with them, for now she knows if she wants a larger family it is the perfect time.
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