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Fae Court

There are times some of us miss the glorious beauty of the outstide realms. Then we are reminded that it wasn't that long ago when the world was almost destroyed by war. True the eldest of us were not born when the war ended, but they were raised on the horror stories of their parents.
— Elven scholar to a class of students 1010 OTO
  The fae, having long memories, are unlikely to trust those whose memories are shorter. For the fae the unending war was only about a generation ago. There was one human they did respect, though he passed away more than a millennium ago. That man was Servalin, who had come to the fae unarmed and wishing to learn from them in his quest to find a way to end the Unending War.


This is the Ruling court of the fae.  It is made up of one member from each ethnicity within the fae.  Two are nominated for a position on the court from each "house".  Fae from the other houses choose which of the two will sit in court.  This prevents some of the more warlike ethnicities from killing each other to choose a member of their own.


The Fae Court was established before the end of the Unending War in an attempt to survive. They created the The Fae Wilds as a place of safety for the Fae. Once the magical realm was created and the majority of the fae had retreated, the court maintained the established control.


Their territory consists of The Fae Wilds  and some smaller villages throughout the world.


The Fae Court though it does not maintain any military forces has the redcaps and their insatiable thirst for blood and combat.  This does not mean they are incapable of waging military conflict more that they prefer to avoid it if they can since the Unending War wasn't that long ago for them.

Foreign Relations

Though there is some foreign relations the Fae Court prefers to remain aloof and isolated. The one exception to this are the dragons whom the fae have come to trust over the centuries.
Founding Date
Court System
Alternative Names
The Court.
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Barter system
They will accept the coins of other nations of Corrigenda, though they are basically a barter system within their own realm and peoples.
Legislative Body
The legislative body is led by the crown, the member who is elected to the position by the other members of the court.  The rest of the court also has a hand in the development of laws of the realm.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Myths


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Dec 5, 2020 16:50 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I find it really interesting that the other fae houses choose the leader of each house. I think that's a good way to ensure fairness.

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