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Dazz & Poo Trading

"Hey Dazz!  Did we get an order for ten bales of wool from Tanneris?"   "Yeah why?  Is that going to be a problem, Knocker?"   "Them Tanneris folk don't sell the raw wool.  You have ta purchase prespun.  It ain't cheap.  But the twonsfolk certainly are."   "Look Knocker, they make exceptions for the right people.  Certain fae seamstresses have a reputation.  Not supplying to them when and what they want can cut off all demand they know it.  Use Fracine's name, that will get a reaction."   "That could get us in trouble.  I would really prefer not to anger her.  She has contacts all over Corrigenda.  It could destroy us."   "Knocker, do as I tell you.  I will deal with Francine myself."  Placing her fingers to her lips she gave a sharp whistle.  A moment later a sprite popped in through the window.  "Good day Pitch.  I have a message for Francine can you see it delivered please?"   "Right away mistress, Pitch lives to serve," he chuckled as he turned to leave.   "Slow down there, Pitch.  I haven't even given you the message yet."   "Knocker, you may get on the road.  Pitch the message is that Coral is wanting to try her hand and creating her own thread and cloth.  Thusly, we are using her name to get the bales of wool from Tanneris."   Pitch swallowed, but nodded his understanding.  "Francine will be angry with Dazzle for this.  Pitch doesn't wish to bear the reply."   "Thank you Pitch.  I know I ask some difficult things of you at times.  When you get back with the reply I will have a nice bowl of fruit and cream for you."
— Discussion at the warehouse of Dazz and Poo traders.


The Bergermeister is the overall leader. Dazzle stays within her home community taking care of the paperwork. Under her she has a number of traders and teamsters.


Dazzle runs a well-organized firm. For a tiny creature, she has a very long reach. With her crews of pooka traders, she has many of the outer kingdoms in need of her services. With the pooka's ability to shape change, themselves and others, they have been able to keep their identities hidden from those they trade with. Without the need for coin in their homeland, they sell items in one place, buy things to take back to their head office.

Public Agenda

The guild is out not to fill its own coffers but to amass supplies for the fae. They take orders from the local fae, then take the trade to other lands to gather the desired items.


Dazz and Poo own a large warehouse, a dozen trade wagons, and a crew of thirty Pooka.  Each wagon is pulled by a team of mixed equines.  They are hauled by a four "horse" teams consisting of a Unicorn, a Kelpie, a Nightmare, and a Pegasi.


Upon reaching her age of majority, Dazzle left home and fell in love with a pooka. Together they started the Dazz and Poo trading company. They had no problems hiring the staff they needed. Pooka love a good practical joke and making humans believe they were dealing with something other than a fae was the best joke. That and the ability to fleece them for as much as possible made it even better.   With the birth of her first daughter, Dazzle was forced to give up travelling. Settling down to run the warehouse she shifted her area of protection from the wagon to the warehouse and the land around it. Raising her children around the young of others helped in keeping them at home after they learned to fly. Glimmer, her eldest is being groomed to take over the family business. After Glimmer, Dazzle had three other children, two more daughters and a son. All four children have agreed to remain in the trading business.

You want it we'll get it.

Founding Date
This trading firm was established in 478 OTO
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
Dazzle and Pooka Trading Consortium
Parent Organization
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