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Hey watch this.  I am going to turn that satyr into an elf for an hour.
— One pooka to another
The pooka, are practical jokers who enjoy using their magic to change another's race or ethnicity.  These jokes have on occasion led to some very interesting if devastating repercussions.  
"EEEEK!!!!  Get out of here you fiend."   "But Chandral, it's me Glimhook."   CLANG!!     "Don't lie to me you filthy elf.  I know my husband and you are not him."   Rubbing his head and watching his wife with the frying pan in her hands he shifted back to his true form.  Chandral dropped the frying pan rushing over to her husband.   "Oh Glim, I am so sorry."   "Dang pooka.  Why did they choose me?  Today of all days.  Happy anniversary love."
— Interaction between Glimhoook and his wife after a pooka practical joke.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Pooka take pleasure in giving their children bizarre names such as table, leg, and hat.  The odd thing is, most pooka take pride in their name.  
"What kind of name is chair?"   "It is a perfectly fine name.  In fact it is so much better than Eilise, what kind of name is Eilise anyway?"


Culture and cultural heritage

For pooka, the pleasure of a good joke is its own reward.  They do, however, on occasion choose to be serious.  This happens when someone comes to them with a request to use their special magic to alter who or what they are on a semi-permanent basis.  Pooka honestly do not like to do this unless there is a very good reason behind it.  Even then they will try to talk the person out of this action.

Shared customary codes and values

Pooka, love practical jokes.  They even play them on each other.  Pooka never get upset at being the target of a practical joke even if it is painful.

Common Etiquette rules

Common etiquette for a pooka is to always have a smile.  If you run into a pooka and aren't smiling they are likely to play a prank on you in hopes of putting a smile on your face.

Common Dress code

Pooka enjoy wearing clothing that seems to clash, looks ridiculous, or even better both.  This has caused many elves and nymphs fits, for what they consider to be a lack of any fashion sense on the part of the pooka.   Many pooka have been seen to wear shorts on their heads as hats, shoes on their hands, and shirts as shorts just for the absurdity of it.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

This is the only time the pooka are truly sombre.  The family gathers and there is much weeping, for now, the parents are going to be extra busy and unable to play as many jokes as they once did.

Coming of Age Rites

For pooka, the coming of age can be a difficult time as they are required to prove they can take a joke.  They must also prove they are masters of the absurd while still being serious.  This means having a conversation while playing a joke on someone, preferably the person they are talking to.   The young adult is evicted from their family home to make their way in the world for a period of ten years before they settle down.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a pooka dies, the rest of the family has a party.  Drink flows freely and there is much gaiety.

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
  Pooka, are fertile thrice a year. This usually coincides with the turning of the seasons. Winter to spring, spring to summer, and summer to autumn.    
  Pooka average in height from three foot six inches to five foot three inches.  
  Pooka, have a wide range for their weight. They usually weigh between ninety pounds and three hundred pounds.  
  Pooka, have a permanent smile even when trying to be serious. The only way you can tell a pooka is not happy is by looking closely at their eyes.  
  Pooka never have single births. They always give birth to twins. Pooka just to be absurd will give birth to one pooka and one from the father's race or ethnicity.


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Dec 15, 2020 01:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Fun fact: one of my guinea pigs is called Pooka after these guys. :D   I love the idea of their whole culture revolving around practical jokes and laughter. It must be exceedingly frustrating trying to be serious with a Pooka though!

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