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This is the title of the leader of the Dazz and Poo trading company. There are minor versions of this title given to those who run warehouses in other towns. Sparkle, Dazzle's only son, has the title of Spark since he was the first of her offspring to branch out and create a new holding for the company.


The qualifications for carrying this title is to be directly related to Dazzle. This means that at the current holder of the title needs to convince at least one of their offspring to remain in the company and not flee at their earliest convenience as is the wont of most pixies.


In order to hold this title one must know the value of trade and how to keep the customers they already have as well as how to expand the routes and clientelle.


The duties of the Dazz are to see to the everyday running of the company, going over the books and schedules. This does not mean they are required to remain in the home office, in fact they are encouraged to travel with their traders until they have a family of their own.


The Dazz needs to check inventory with the lists of what is on hand in the warehouse, out on delivery and supposed to be returning.


The title was created because the first holder of the title was named Dazzle but everyone just called her Dazz. Because of this Dazzle and her children decided that the head of the company should be called Dazz in honour of their mother and the company she built from nothing.

Cultural Significance

Since Dazz & Poo Trading was begun and is completely run by fae it is honoured by many of the fae people. Dazz is respected for her cunning and intuition when it comes to knowing what her clients needs are, often anticipating them in advance.
Form of Address
Equates to
This title is the equivalent of master trader or bergermeister.
Length of Term
The title is bestowed upon an heir and is held until relinquished to the next heir.
First Holder
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