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Madame Trader Dazzle (a.k.a. Dazz)

Dazzle or Dazz for short is the bergermeister of the Dazz and Poo Trading Company. She has decided that the title of bergermeister was not going to be effective upon her retirement or death. So the knew title will be Dazz. Having discussed this with her children they all agreed it was a good choice. This way there would always be a Dazz in charge giving the illusion that the leader is immortal.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dazzle is an elderly pixie, she is not as mobile as she once was. Her wings are always sore and flying is a pain. Her gnarled fingers find it difficult to hold a quill.

Body Features

Due to her age Dazzle is not the fit pixie she used to be. Her body has begun to go to fat with the muscles beginning to shrivel.

Facial Features

Dazzle has laugh lines around her mouth and crows feet around her eyes.

Physical quirks

Of all things you can find Dazzle with a quill somewhere on her person, whether she is chewing on the end, has it tucked behind her ear, twirled between her toes, or in a death-grip in her hands.

Special abilities

Like all pixies, Dazzle is capable of helping plants grow.

Apparel & Accessories

You will always find Dazzle in the finest clothing she can find, though they may be of older styles since she cannot travel to her seamstress for new outfits.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dazzle was raised by her parents. When she turned one hundred twenty she struck out on her own to find a profession that wasn't typical for her kind. She found she enjoyed the art of negotiation and became a trader. She recruited friends of hers to be drivers and haulers; these are the official titles since she wasn't going to insult her equine friends by calling them 'beasts of burden'.   Over the years her friends recruited more drivers and haulers for her trading company. Her drivers are all Pooka while her haulers are a team of four different equine fae. She chose these particular fae for their abilities and how they would increase the prestige of the trading house. Her deliveries are always on time, nothing can stop the Dazz & Poo Trading Company from making their appointments.


Dazzle is the leader of the Dazz & Poo Trading Company. She built the company up from the ground floor, starting with a single wagon to a fleet of twelve. She is currently grooming her daughter Glimmer to take over the company upon her retirement.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dazz has made it a mark of pride to be able to ensure prompt delivery of orders to her customers. Her staff agree with her in this due to the fact that their guarantee is if it isn't on time it is free.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dazzle is highly intelligent and has a knack for anticipating her clients needs. Her most notorious client is also her best client, Francine Du Plaint. She is notorious because she has very exacting demands and has cancelled many orders from other trading companies for inferior goods.

Morality & Philosophy

If you give your word you had better be able to deliver, is the motto that Dazzle lives by. Her daughter Glimmer also lives by this motto.


Family Ties

Dazzle has created the only family of pixies in which the children didn't leave the moment they could. Her eldest Glimmer has agreed to remain and take over the company when her mother retires. Her other three chilldren, two daughters and a son, have also chosen to remain with the company. Her son, Sparkle, has headed to another town to build a warehouse and distribution point there.   Dazzle's husband was also her first trader, a pooka named Pickle.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Well tanned
4 inches
1 oz
Aligned Organization

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