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Dazz & Poo Trading Wagon

The Dazz & Poo Trading Company uses covered wagons to move their trade goods. These wagons are crafted of light but strong wood specially grown for them by the giant Erasmus. The axles and wheels are crafted from ironwood. The wheels are covered by an iron band to increase their durability for long journeys. The wagon itself is covered with linen cloth draped over iron banding.   Dazz, who runs the base of operations and takes care of all the logistics, spares no expense when it comes to ensuring her goods are delivered. She contracts specific individuals for each of the components and construction of her wagons. Her pooka partners are the traders who travel the lands making the deliveries and collecting orders for the next run.   The wagons are pulled by teams of fae "horses". They have four to a team consisting of one of each, Nightmare, Pegasi, Unicorn, and Kelpie. These fae would not normally work together but with the arrangement they have with Dazz they are quite content since each one brings a different set of abilities to the team. They work in union to haul the goods around Corrigenda with the humans being none the wiser to their true forms.   These lightweight, watertight wagons and their teams are the key to the Dazz & Poo Trading company's success. They are never late, regardless of the weather or road conditions.
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Nightmare Pegasi
Unicorn Kelpie

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