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Rope you say?? We do not make rope. What we make is the finest thread this side of the Reach. Well any side of the Reach for that matter as we are the only producers of thread. But of course we can supply you with enough thread for you to make enough rope to hang yourself
— Reeve Ceara 25 OTO
This town was known for its cattle and lush mountain plateau which never froze over during the winter. The plateau remained green all year round. Yet for some reason about twenty-five years after the establishment of the town all the cattle died mysteriously. This ruined the town and caused many of the inhabitants to either die of starvation or move away looking for "greener pastures".   About one hundred and twenty-five years later The Spinner's Guild moved in and rebuilt the town, unaware of why it had been abandoned in the first place.
I am telling you there is something weird going on in the plateau, the cattle are dropping like flies.
— Cowherd to Reeve of Tanneris 200 BTO


This was a large and mostly self-sufficient due to the unique properties of the plateau. The communal barn was used for calving and milking. There was once a thriving cheese industry until the cows started drying up and then dropping dead.  Now the town is populated by families who all work in the guild of spinners in one form or another. From the young boys acting as shepherds and the young girls as the carders and washers. The grown men do the shearing and the women do the spinning. The elders watched small children too young to help and tend to the family gardens.


Tanneris was run by a town council led by the Reeve, with eight councillors. They were subject to the Monarch's taxation once a year which was usually due in the form of goods.  The leader of Tanneris is now just the Reeve/Guildmaster. The title is passed to the next Guildmaster through a vote of all the members. The Guildmaster/Reeve is the final authority in the town.

Industry & Trade

All industry and trade was centered around the cattle of the town of which there were vast herds. Everything from cheese, to meat to hides. Every so often they would send special deliveries to the Capital.  This town is now known for its wool thread production. It produces all the wool for the kingdom of Craglim Reach and exports into Herigberg. Each family has a vegetable garden which they tend and there is a large communal garden that the entire town tends to.

Guilds and Factions


Tanneris was established in 275 BTO and was rather prosperous until the "Great Cattle Drop" which destroyed the self-sufficiency and the town collapsed.  After a few years the discovered that sheep thrived and so began to breed sheep for wool and mutton.


The plateau has a hot spring on the far end which was said to have magical properties. Unfortunately for the cattle it was the source of their demise. Sheep on the other hand thrive on the plateau.  Merchants come from far and wide to gather the woolen thread to sell to the nations. There is only one small inn to cater to the merchants who come and go though they usually only make town about once a year and it is over the duration of about two months. The pass is frozen over and inaccessible for most of the year, though the plateau is protected and green all year round.


The town of Tanneris is located in the mouth of a mountain pass which leads to a vast mountain plateau which is prime grazing land for vast herds of cattle.  After the plague that decimated the local cattle population, they learned it was also prime grazing land for the sheep which are kept for their wool.

Natural Resources

Sheep and the wool they provide

250 BTO

Founding Date
275 BTO
Alternative Name(s)
Threadtown, The summer lands
Large town
The original population was 2500 now it is only 1321
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