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Queen Amsarill

Queen, Her Royal Majesty Amsarill

The young looking queen of Craglim Reach.  She has been the ruler since she turned sixteen.  At the age of one hundred forty-seven she doesn't look a day older than eighteen.  She was gifted the formulae for a potion of youth by Veldar.  She has ruled Craglim Reach with an iron fist since she first took the potion.  Unwed and childless she has no plans on giving up her throne.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Queen Amsarill's gowns are always of the finest quality.  She has them specially made in Herigburg as the finest seamstress in the land is there, also the finest weavers come from Herigmark and nothing but the best will do for her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was born in a time of peace during which she learned the art of ruling from her parents.  Her mother was the rightful ruler since the crown is passed down from mother to daughter.  This tradition was established as the only way to guarantee succession was through the female line since there is no doubt as to the parentage.   She was blessed with the finest tutors while growing up, from scholars and historians to the Grand Druid himself, who taught her law and philosophy.  She ascended the throne when her mother died under mysterious circumstances at the age of sixteen.  She ruled with compassion during that time, though she never considered marriage, partially because there were no good choices amongst the noble houses in Craglim Reach.  She didn't consider the nobility of other lands for fear they may try to usurp her power and position having grown accustomed to power in their own right in their homelands.   When she reached the age of sixty she began searching for an heir as she was no longer capable of bearing children herself.  What she discovered were, backstabbing plotting bitches in the nobles houses and, what she considered, unwashed and untutored masses within the common people.  By the time she reached her seventy-fifth year, Veldar approached her with a possible solution to her problem, the potion of youth.  She eagerly jumped at the chance believing once she had taken it she could find a suitable prince-consort and have children to carry on her line.  What she didn't realize were the other side affects the potion had.  Those of altering the mentality of the imbiber.   Once she had taken the potion her thoughts of finding a consort and continuing the royal line became a thing of the past.  She now knew there were other options available and she needn't accede power to anyone.  So long as she could acquire the potion.  With this thought she set about ruling her kingdom far more harshly through laws and mandates.  The common folk felt little of this and so she was still their beloved Queen.  Her nobles on the other hand came to feel the wrath of her power.  Families who disagreed with her would vanish almost to a man.  Members of the families who sided with her and even assisted in the decimation of their family line became the heads of the family by Royal Decree.   It came to the point where only those who were slavishly devoted to her were welcome in her court.
Portrait of Queen Amsarill created by Cryssalia
Circumstances of Birth
she was born into the royal family of Craglim Reach
Emerald Green
Long sleek raven black tresses
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
117 lbs
Ruled Locations

Character Portrait image: Queen Amsarill


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