The Spinner's Guild

The art of spinning requires complete concentration, nimble finger, and sharp eyes.
— Guildmaster to new group of apprentices on first day.

Purpose / Function

The Spinner's Guildhall was originally designed as a cattle barn, with hayloft. When the cattle died out due to some disease and the only herd animal which could adapt and seemed to be immune to the disease was the sheep, the barn was converted into a hall for shearing, washing, carding and spinning of wool. Sheep were funnelled down the center aisle to be sheared. One side of the aisle was used as shearing blocks, while the other became the washing and drying stalls. The hayloft was cleaned out and partitioned into three rooms. The first room was for carding the wool, the second for the actual spinning and the third room was for the storage of the finished yarn.


There are two doors in the hall, one in the back and one in the front for tunnelling the sheep through to be sheared and then released to the outer pens. Water is brought through the front door for the wash bins. When there is no one working in the hall the doors are barred and locked. There is one "window" on the second floor located in the thread room for easier transfer of the completed thread to merchants wagons.


The people who utilize this Hall is the The Spinner's Guild.

Contents & Furnishings

There is very little on the main floor in the way of furniture, only the washbasins. On the second floor, the last room is bare of furniture save for the thread bins which expedite the transfer of the skeins of yarn from the building. The middle room has a few stools for working the spinning wheels and a shelf to store the drop spindles. The first room is equipped with a large table and two long benches with wall hangers for wool baskets so that the carders can work the wool.


The barn was slowly converted from a wooden building to a combination of wood and stone. With the lower level being crafted of stone and the upper floor being crafted of wood. The upper loft was partitioned to create three separate rooms. The lower portion of the building for shearing and washing with the floor left as dirt so that the water could seep away.


The barn was once a cattle barn for when the town raised cows for milk, meat and hides.


The guild holds a strict no visitors policy in order to protect their guild secrets.
Founding Date
25 BTO
Environmental Effects
The wool is never spun while shearing and washing is going on as the humidity affects the consistency of the final thread.
Connected Rooms


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