Unending War

The year was 2650 Before the Order (BTO) when there was a double eclipse. *growls deep in throat* Of all the things that could happen the wild life shifted and moved. No one knows why, but the fields withered and died. All that is except this one area where everything semed to flourish. Animals moved into the area in order to survive. All three races followed for the same reason. There was not enough for everyone and so battle ensued for control.
— Dragon grandfather to human historian regarding the start of the "Unending War"
    The "Unending War" started over the needs of the races for food. With all the world's food sources reduced to a single area, all the races began to fight over control. Though the area was vast the resources within were limited. Each race would send hunters in to gather food and when they crossed paths with members of the other races skirmishes would erupt. These skirmishes devolved into all-out attacks on the other races, and in some cases within the races.   Over the years as the land returned to normal the fighting did not diminish. The horrible fact is they escalated. The fact that no one could truly remember why it started was further sources of conflict. Though there were times of peace they did not last long and the fighting continued for two thousand six hundred fifty-two years.   By the time Servalin¬†was born the races were in a time of recovery which lasted only three years. By the time he was forty-seven he had travelled across the human-controlled territories gathering any knowledge he could. Once he had done that he entered the lands of the Dragons and the Fae under a flag of truce. As he did this as a single, lone human bearing no weapons and dressed only in pale robes they were willing to listen to what he had to say. The Fae had mostly withdrawn from the primary realm since their numbers had dwindled to a frighteningly low number. The Dragons had dug in, in some of the hardest to reach areas since they too were on the brink of extinction.
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