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Elves have a particularly singular viewpoint. They consider themselves better than anyone else, and that includes the other varieties of elves. There are in fact three distinct type of elf, Urban Elf, Flora Elf, and Heathen Elf.


Culture and cultural heritage

Elves consider themselves to be the lore keepers of the fae.  Of course, their perception of history and the lore is tainted and skewed to show them in the best light possible.  This means if the lore shows another ethnicity to have been better than the elves, it is altered so the elves are the heroes and the others merely assistants.

Common Etiquette rules

Whether or not it is warranted, elves expect everyone to show them deference.

Common Dress code

Each group of elves have their own dress code dependant on the natural area they live in.  This does not mean they do not share a specific style.  There are a couple of aesthetics they share.  The first one being the ability to blend in with one's surroundings.  The second one being functionality.   These aesthetics can mean vastly different things to elves, from camouflage to high society gowns.

Art & Architecture

Elves enjoy crafting their homes out of trees.  They use their magic to grow their homes into the trees while keeping the tree alive.  The interiors are spacious and regal, while the outside is quaint and refined.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Urban : the blessing of the water
Flora : the blessing of the forest
Heathen : the blessing of the earth

Coming of Age Rites

Elves as they come of age are required to lead the Wild Hunt to prove their superiority over others.  These hunts take place at night under the double full moon.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Urban: floating funeral pyre
Flora: inhumation within a grove or glade
Heathen: Barrow mound

Common Taboos

Elves cannot admit there are others who are better, whether it is in magic or the arts.
Encompassed species
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Our homes are the best, we have all the modern amenities.  Of course, we understand how our waste helps the land around us.  Indoor plumbing coming directly from the trees themselves is even better.  We do know that we can't take too much of it or it will harm our home.
— Urban elven lady to a passing centaur.
by Willgard
by Skull Kat
Header pic by Kellepics on Pixabay.com Heath pic by Skull Kat on Unsplash.com Elven village pic by Willgard found on Pixabay.com

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Dec 29, 2020 12:51 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

So what you're saying is to take the lore and records written by the elves with a pinch of salt? I like the quote from the lady to the centaur. I can imagine the centaur being like "What? I was just... walking..."