Wild Hunt

"Well, tomorrow we ride. I doubt those stupid humans are even capable of understanding our greatness."   "I have heard there are some who may be quite good with music. Ha, don't make me laugh. What could some stupid short lived race know about music."   "Forget that, just bring you lute or fiddle. In fact we may be able to take more captive if they challenge us."
— Two urban elves discussing their chance to ride in the wild hunt.
      This is the coming of age ritual of the elves in Corrigenda. It has a dark history, though none of the other fae are willing to admit it still happens. That is except for the nightmares and kelpies who revel in participating in the wild hunt.


This ritual goes back to the time when the humans first appeared on Corrigenda.  The elves considered them to be so much lesser than they were.  They treated humans like animals and so would hunt them for fun.  This entailed capturing the humans alive and taking them back to their homes.   These humans were treated like family pets.  They were able to keep their names from their old lives but never allowed to return to them.  In many cases, they would fall in love with their captors and choose to remain, even if given the option to leave.


Elves choose some of the best horseflesh they can find. They particularly enjoy riding unicorns and nightmares. This does not preclude the use of kelpie for the wild hunt. Unicorns are not overly fond of this practice, though they have participated when they thought humans were not particularly intelligent.   No elves are given any advice as to the best way to succeed. Their only guidance is that they have the two nights to return with two humans. The leader must be the one to choose the targets. They are warned that some humans will try to free their trophies and to be aware of such. They must choose a challenge in which they believe themselves to be superior. This usually consists of a challenge in some artform, primarily music.

Components and tools

Though the only real items needed for the wild hunt is, a mount and the ability to cast a glamour, most elves bring along bindings for their trophies.   It is highly recommended that the leader of the hunt also bring along a musical instrument on the off chance they run into one who will challenge them.


Those who participate in a wild hunt are elves who have reached the age of one hundred since the last double full moon.  The youngest is the one to lead the hunt.  Before the hunt, each participant is required to find a mount.  Those who are incapable of locating a suitable mount must then endeavour to keep up on foot.  This is easier on the return since the trophies are not mounted and must walk back to the settlement.


This ritual hunt is only observed when Gautama and Ciará are both full in the night sky. It has a duration of two nights. The participants are forbidden from travelling during the daylight, thus making the hunt more of a challenge for those coming of age.
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"Hey, stop right there.  Where do you think you are going with my beloved."  The maiden cried rising from the ground near the sheep she had been watching.  Her simple gown and apron covered in stray bit of grass.  In her hands she held a wooden flute.   "Well, well, look here.  This one has some spunk.  Shall we take her too?"   "Well, River, the ritual must be followed.  She has just challenged you which means she is currently immune to capture.  What are you going to do?"   "Heather, that is not fair.  But I will follow the ritual to its conclussion.  Well lass what is your name?"   "My name?  You want my name?  Well fine it is Blodwyn.  I want my beloved released."  Standing there she glared at the elves with her hands on her hips.   "You want my prize??  Fine you have a chance to win him back with that flute you have there.  I accept your challenge but beware if you lose you will join him as my trophy.  I must warn you I am a master of the flute."
— Elven wild hunt just before losing a challenge to a human shephardess.
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