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This is the largest of the Fae.


Culture and cultural heritage

Giants tend large gardens both indoors and outdoors.  You will find their homes verdant and green from the potted plants all through the house.  These potted plants are usually of a food variety like apple and orange trees.  The indoor plants are pruned and shaped to produce the most fruit in the smallest area and to keep the trees from growing too tall for the home.

Common Dress code

Giants prefer very workaday clothing.  They avoid leather outfits at all costs due to the amount of leather needed to craft even the most simple of garments.

Art & Architecture

Giants enjoy building structures for the fae.  Though they prefer to work in stone and clay, not wood.  These crafters are highly sought after.  Because of their extremely high tolerance to heat, they craft chimneys by wrapping clay around their forearms before firing them to harden.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

When a giant weds there is a celebration without food.  Instead, the celebrants bring mead, seeds and seedlings as gifts for the happy couple.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Giants do not have many children for fear of upsetting the balance.  They may have two in their lifetime.  These births are celebrated by the entire community.

Coming of Age Rites

Giants unlike other fae do not have a coming of age ceremony.  They feel the life and death celebrations are hard enough on the balance.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Giants know when they are going to die about three years before it happens unless it is sudden. At this time they leave their home to go awalking. Whenever a giant says it is time to go awalking the community comes together with a feast. This is the last time the community will have the pleasure of their company.   A giant on awalking is looking for a place to lay down and pass into the endless sleep.When this occurs the giant turns to stone and becomes a part of the landscape. There have been whole mountain ranges created in this manner.   For those rare occasions where the death is sudden and without warning it usually happens in the home. When this occurs the deceased is quarried for the stone and shared throughout the community. The head is placed facing outward at the town gate. This is to signify that they have taken up a permanent vigilance against all outside threats.

Common Taboos

Giants are strict vegetarians as they would need too much meat at any single meal to maintain the balance.

Common Myths and Legends

It is rumoured that the mountain range to the north of Thormalk is a giant graveyard.  People claim to see the faces of the giants in the cliffs.


Courtship Ideals

For giants the art of courtship is very specific.  Gifts of living plants or custom made ceramics are the preferred methods.  The gifting of cut flowers will anger the recipient.  In all honesty the best gift for courting is a handcrafted plant pot with the plant already growing.
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BIOLOGICAL TRAITS   This is the one fae where the parents have a direct influence. Though the child is the same as the mother their height is directly influenced by the father.   AVERAGE HEIGHT   Giants range from nine feet all the way to twenty-five feet in height.   AVERAGE WEIGHT   Giants average in weight from 35 to 85 stone or 490 to 1190 pounds.   FACIAL CHARACTERISTICS AND FEATURES   Giants have kindly faces, broad smiles and high ridged brows. Their eyes are deep-set and come in a variety of blue, from cornflower to deep azure. Their hair ranged in colour from fresh wheat to a deep green of moss, and resembles the plant to which the colour is most commonly attributed too.   GENETICS & REPRODUCTION   Due to The Balance, a female giant is only fertile once every two hundred years until the age of six hundred.
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