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Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guard is a specialized unit of Queen Amsarill's military. They do the bidding of the Queen and no others. If she much as hints at wanting to see something done you can guarantee they are the ones to carry it out. Their most recent job was to raid a dragon nest and bring back everything in it. They accomplished this by watching the nest until the dragons left then creeping inside. They waited until the dragons returned before they sprung their trap. They captured both dragons and the clutch of eggs. They did this through the threat of physical harm to the eggs. The dragons surrendered in hopes of keeping their children alive. Unfortunately this did not save the young or the two dragons.


The top-ranked official in the Queen's Guard is the Queen herself. Underneath her are two captains, four luitentants, six sargeants, and fifty enlisted.

Public Agenda

Their public agenda is to protect the Queen and her interests at all costs.


They have the resources of the entire kingdom of Craglim Reach at their disposal.


The Queen's Guard was established when Queen Amsarill took the throne of Craglim Reach. Their duties were to protect the Queen with their lives if necessary. Over the years they changed to following her every whim and order. When the Queen turned sixty she sent them out to find her relatives and a possible heir. When she turned seventy-five their orders changed to eliminating her family line. Over the years they were also ordered to eliminate anyone who publicly disagreed with her. For the last seventy-two years they have been hunting down her family line, every branch and splinter. As far as anyone knows she has no living relatives left to challenge for her throne.

Anything for our Queen

Founding Date
1100 OTO
Military, Inquisitorial
Alternative Names
The Butcher Squad
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Notable Members
Related Species
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