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Brownies are an interesting lot. Fast, silent, and dang near impossible to see. They enjoy doing simple tasks, just don't ask them unless you know them well, or they have specifically told you otherwise.
— Amaryliss to Amarna during her years of training.


Culture and cultural heritage

Unlike other fae, brownies are notoriously curious about everything. This can cause young brownies serious issues and even death.  Due to their curiosity they have accidents which results in a high death rate of the young.

Common Etiquette rules

It is considered the utmost of rudeness to ask a brownie where they came from.   If you notice things suddenly being taken care of it is proper to leave something sweet out for the brownie.  If a brownie isn't rewarded they can become angered and leave to find somewhere new.

Common Dress code

Brownies enjoy lightweight and flowing or lightweight and form-fitting clothing.  They show a unique preference for silks and satins, though are not adverse to wearing other forms of clothing when necessity dictates.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Every year when the Hawthorn blooms, brownies hold a festival where there is much merrymaking and lavisciousness. This festival usually ends up with many litters of fudgie running around in five months.   Brownies choose a household to help in when they come of age, for many, this means leaving The Fae Wilds. When they have found their chosen place, they prefer to work in secret. After many centuries, they feel comfortable enough to show themselves to the owners. This requires the owners to have survived the centuries as well.   Sometimes a brownie will follow a family member from one home to another. This happens when the brownie has watched the young growing up. Brownies who choose homes where there is a family will take on the tasks of caring for the infants while the parents sleep. These are times where the child will talk of having a friend the parents cannot see, at least in human culture.   Brownies have the ability to turn invisible in domestic settings. This allows them to watch the family during the day while doing small tasks unnoticed.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Brownies celebrate the birth of children by throwing a party for anyone around.  They do not give birth to a single child, they have batches.  Names are not usually given to young brownies until they reach the age of about fifteen years.

Coming of Age Rites

The coming of age for a brownie is cause for celebration. Only about one in six survive to achieve this milestone. Once a brownie has had their coming of age ceremony they settle down to become proper members of society. This happens when they progress from being called fudgie to the more respectful brownie.   Brownies hold this celebration when they turn one hundred seventy-five years of age.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Brownies can seem rather callous about death, they do not have many customs regarding it. This is due to the high attrition rate of the young. After they have had their coming of age celebration, when they pass, it is still just a simple "Dang, poor so-and-so, they will be missed but they really shouldn't have done this or that."

Common Taboos

Brownies consider it taboo to become too attached to other brownies.

Common Myths and Legends

There are times when an angered brownie feels like the home is theirs and will start moving things when they are not rewarded for the work they do. This has led to humans believing they have a poltergeist or ghost. This will give the capricious brownie great joy. There was one town which has the reputation for being haunted, as there is no living human left in but things have been seen to move on their own and strange sounds in the night have been reported.
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BIOLOGICAL TRAITS   Brownies for the most part have varying degrees of brown skin, from deep chocolate to a light golden brown.   AVERAGE HEIGHT   The average height for a brownie is between two foot three inches and three foot seven inches.   AVERAGE WEIGHT   Brownies are deceiving when it comes to weight. They seem to be lighter than one would expect. They weigh between twenty and twenty-five pounds.   FACIAL CHARACTERISTICS AND FEATURES   A brownie's face resembles unbaked bread dough. They have bright and inquisitive eyes. Their hair is usually tied up because it grows fast and is extremely thick and wavy. Their eyebrows are fine but travel across the brow in an unbroken line.


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I love the concept of brownies. I find their attitude towards death particularly interesting. It definitely makes sense within their culture.

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