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11 Dec, 2020 23:15

Nope. I don't like these guys at all. I do think the cultural customs surrounding their hats are really interesting, though.

24 Dec, 2020 00:26

Thank you for the TW! I think this is all so inventive, and loved the forceful use of "he/she" throughout your description. As a non-binary person, it was really interesting to see the listing of pronouns kind of turned on its head. Well done, even if I don't like them one bit xD

24 Dec, 2020 00:56

I don't like them either. As a transwoman, they would try to kill me.

Check out Corrigenda and 2275 earth
24 Dec, 2020 00:59

I'm just grateful they *cough* don't exist *cough* in our world.