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Dwarves are known to be a stocky Fae. They value hard work in everything they do.


In dwarven society there are no real gendered roles, thusly it revolves around the family and the driving desire to be industrious in everything they do. When a dwarf decides to become a parent they will devote themselves to the task.
Regardless of gender the one who chooses to be the caregiver, will also take charge of the home. Cooking and cleaning they will take pride in as those are tasks which still necessitate the wearing of an apron.
Dwarves who willing choose a lifestyle or profession where an apron can be considered gauche or dangerous are looked down on.


Culture and cultural heritage

Dwarves are prideful of their work and their beards.  At one point they had tried to use more than two braids or even just a single braid.  These attempts usually ended in disaster for the beard.

Shared customary codes and values

Dwarves when they reach an age where they are no longer able to work in their chosen field, will choose to take up some hobby to fill their time as they cannot just seem to sit still for long unless it is with guests.  Even when they have guests they tend to putter and try to find things to do with their hands.

Common Etiquette rules

The best way to get along with any dwarf is to be industrious. Dwarves dislike those who willing shirk their duties. The common etiquette when dealing with a dwarf is to never assume their gender. There are some female dwarves who take pride in their beards and there are times when a male dwarf has to shave off his beard in order to grow it out again due to some unforeseen accident which had left it unbalanced.

Common Dress code

You will find dwarves always in an apron of some sort. Whether it is that of an Innkeeper to a blacksmith.

Coming of Age Rites

Dwarves are considered to have come of age when they receive their first true apron.  This usually happens around the time they turn one hundred or so.  It usually coincides with their decision of profession.  The apron signifies what they have chosen to do, as it usually comes with the tools of the trade.

Funerary and Memorial customs

It is customary for a dwarf to be laid to rest with honour. This means in both the first true apron as well as their last. This signifies the changes in their lifetime from the moment they came of age until their passing. It is not uncommon for family members to request patches from the remaining aprons to craft keepsakes out of.

Common Taboos

Dwarves consider it taboo to discard any apron they have ever owned no matter how ratty it may appear.

Common Myths and Legends

The myths and legends revolving around the dwarves all come from humans. Their lack of understanding and knowledge, leading to some of the most outlandish tales. Most of which have been repeated so often as to be considered true.
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  Though they are considered medium-sized for fae, they are particularly muscular. Male dwarves like to wear their beards long and in two braids. This is so that they can move it out of the way and tie it behind their neck when they are working and the beard isn't harmed. In general most female dwarves, though they can grow beards, prefer to remain clean-shaven until they have either been married or given birth.  
  Though not all dwarves work in loud smithing environments, all are slightly hard of hearing. Or at least that is what they want you to think.  
  Dwarves like all sapient creatures on Corrigenda are capable of reproducing with any of the other sapient races. When this happens the child will always take after the mother. The only differences are when they mate with other ethnicities of the fae the child may be either of the parents' ethnicity. The other possibility that may occur even when it is two dwarves mating, is the fact that if neither are "pure" there is a chance of the child being of the ethnicity of one of the grandparents.  
  Although most dwarves are stocky by nature, there are a few odd exceptions. These usually happen when they mate with other ethnicities of the fae.  
  Dwarves range in height from four feet three inches to five feet four inches. The average dwarf will usually stand at about four foot ten inches. Female dwarves tend to be slightly shorter than males.  
  Due to their stocky nature, dwarves have dense muscle mass which increases their weight in comparison to others of the same style build. This being said your average dwarf weighs between one hundred seventy-five pounds and two hundred ninety pounds.  
  Dwarves all seem to have bulbous noses. They have a smile that can brighten anyone's day, though they usually look rather dour. Their eyes range from steel grey to emerald green, or any variation of green in between. Their hair and beards range from platinum blonde to a deep cherry red. Their eyebrows are large and shaggy

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