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Nymphs have two separate subcultures, both are willing to work together even if they sometimes disagree on the methods.  


  Nymphs appear very human, save for the natural pigmentation of their skin. They range from grass green to aquamarine blue. Due to this they often use makeup to either accentuate the exotic nature of their skin, yet make it appear artificial or to hide it altogether.   Nymph females have wider hips than females of other races or ethnicities, proportionally that is. Nymph males, though they are rare, have broad shoulders and are well muscled.  


  Nymphs have an extremely sensitive touch. They can locate a flaw in a bolt of cloth just by running their hands over it. Even if the bolt is still rolled and the flaw is well hidden, they will know.    


  Nymphs live in close-knit groups or communes. They elect a new leader every decade for the commune. Those who seek employment outside the fae wilds are rare yet respected. Whenever a Nymph does leave the fae wilds, they usually have a couple of companions who travel with them from other ethnicities, notably brownies and sprites.


Culture and cultural heritage

For the nymphs, their ties to the land and waters of the world hold significance.  This is part of the reason they rarely wear any clothing.  They feel the crafting of cloth can have a detrimental effect on the world with the overuse of cropland for the same crops year after year.  The only exceptions to this are the wool from Tanneris  and the linen crafted from the flax grown by Giants.

Common Dress code

As odd as it may seem to a group that professes to enjoy clothing of fine cut and fit, most nymphs spend the majority of their time nude. Though, when they do dress, it is the finest they can acquire or craft.

Art & Architecture

Nymphs make art out of the garments they craft. In fact, the most famous seamstresses and tailors are nymphs. Though this is not common knowledge amongst most of the population of Corrigenda.


Beauty Ideals

Nymphs find a well-dressed person to be better looking than someone who is not well-dressed. For the nymphs, if the person is wearing something crafted by a nymph, they are better dressed than someone wearing something crafted by an elf.

Courtship Ideals

The way to a nymph's heart is through certain foods and large bolts of cloth.  Of course, the two different types of nymphs have differing ideals of what type of material they prefer.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
  Nymphs age slowly and do not reach maturity until about one hundred and ninety years. Females are fertile thirty years before they are considered mature. Males reach fertility at about fifteen years after the females.  
  Nymphs average from five feet to five feet nine inches. With the males being generally taller than the females.  
  Nymphs average between one hundred and one hundred seventy-five pounds.  
  It can be difficult to tell the gender of a nymph by just looking at their face. Males and females have a feminine looking face. Male nymphs are incapable of growing facial hair.    Most nymphs grow their hair long and let it flow freely. This allows for the hiding of certain physical characteristics which could be detrimental to most humans.

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