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Grand(High) Druid Veldar

How many of you have felt the wrath of a woman.  I declare that because they are ruled by emotion and not intellectual thought they are unfit for the Order.  As for Dragons they are nothing more than elevated beasts no more worthy of respect than a cow in the field.  Neither of these creatures are worth the effort to try to educate.  Therefore any amongst us who is caught teaching one of these has forfeited their right to the order.  And as the vow to the order is for life the sentence is death.
— Veldar upon attaining the mantle of Grand Druid 900 OTO

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

In his mind his greatest accomplishments were the taking control of the Druids of Corrigenda order and the discovery of the cure for Ageing

Failures & Embarrassments

He believes that his greatest failure is the fact that his secret was discovered by Sergei and his inability to wreak vengeance upon this rival, since Sergei has never shown the desire to challenge for the position of Grand Druid

Morality & Philosophy

He lacks the moral compass he once had in his youth since he started creating and imbibing the anti-ageing potion.  He has become cruel and paranoid.  Whenever he gets the chance to be the one to guide a journeyman on their yearlong quest he takes it knowing that these are potential rivals for his power and thus eliminate them in ways that are not considered suspicious throughout the journey.
Year of Birth
852 OTO 349 Years old
Varito, Craglim Reach
Dark umber
Long, sleek, raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
14 Stone
Aligned Organization


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