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Mauskin Birthday Celebrations

A field of flowers barely moves in the breeze, but a patter of scattering feet can be heard beneath the flowering bushes. Some of the larger bushes unfurl to show the smallest ball of fur, curled tight with tip of tail to the nose. A baby Mauskin rests in the safety of the flower’s petals as others watch the waving sea of flora.   Small heads hold wreaths of flowers as they stand in a meadow of chrysanthemums, the flower of the Mauskin who has just reached her fifth year. The small voices sing songs of spring and blooming flowers, showering each other in petals before munching on the delicate flower-like pastries delivered by the elders.   Low voices chant as crackling pink magic spreads the colors of a red camellia blossom on the haunch of a grown Mauskin. The young mouse has reached adulthood, taking on the mark of their flower, one that represents their life in ways that words never could. The final year into adulthood has passed, but the flower celebrations will never find their end.  

Flower Zodiac

At least since the Eldritch War, the Mauskin have followed what is referred to as the Flower Zodiac. This zodiac follows a twelve-year cycle, with each year being represented by a flower and its meaning from the Language of Flowers. It is said that Mauskin born within a specific year often embody the traits that their flowers represent and that their specific flower may bring them good luck.   Following this tradition, Mauskin will often sleep in the flower of their year in their early years. The casters of the individual villages will often preserve flowers that bloom at specific times with magic so that the babies born can sleep in the petals of their flowers. This tradition will continue into their later lives where their flower will be a central part of their birthday celebrations as they reach adulthood and even long after the Mauskin have stopped celebrating their birthdays as the children do.   Flowerday is also a coming of age ceremony in a way as
Mauskin are marked with their flower in a magical ceremony that ties them to their culture and their home in the Little Greenwood. In many ways, these marks are essentially magical tattoos, serving as guides back to their homes if they become lost or as a physical representation of a singular trait tied to the flower.
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The history of Flowerday and the way that Mauskin celebrate is relatively unknown. Some stories from before the Eldritch War say that Mauskin had connections to flowers and often used them in their Language of Flowers, but there is no written mention of Flowerday.   After the Eldritch War, the celebration of Flowerday became more widespread, even being celebrated outside of the Mauskin Culture. Elves, Fairies, and even Halflings have been seen adopting and changing the traditions of Flowerday to fit their needs and their own cultures.


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